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Call for Questions

by Daniel Abraham

Carrie Vaughn, Master Interviewer

So as part of the MileHiCon festivities next week, Ty and I (in our James S. A. Corey drag) are going to be interviewed by Carrie Vaughn on video. We’ve got the camera and the set up and the time and all those things, but I’m a little shy on ideas to hand to Carrie.  Knowing the three of us, it’s entirely possible that the entire interview will be about Firefly, Invader Zim, and exactly how you’d do a crossover between the two.

If there’s anything that any of the rest of you would be interested in hearing about, the suggestion box is hereby officially open.  Anything I’m willing to answer, I’ll pass on to Carrie to use at her discretion.  And anything that we don’t get covered in the video interview, I can try to answer here on the blog.

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