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Countdown to Vicious Grace

by Daniel Abraham

The official release date for Vicious Grace is November 30th.  We are in the final countdown.  In celebration — or possibly as a kind of cargo cult offering to the gods — I’m going to try running a giveaway.  I’ve heard good things about them in the past.  might as well give it a shot, right?

But I’m not entirely sure how to go about it.  Should I give away copies of Vicious Grace?  Or copies of the first two books?  All three?  Should I print up copies of MLN’s only published short story (“Hurt Me” in Songs of Love and Death)?  Should I give the books to the folks who ask for ’em, or should I get y’all to nominate some friend or relative of yours who we can surprise with signed copies in the mail?  Should I try to get Carl Kassel’s voice on your home answering machine?

Hell if I know.  I’m new around here myself.

Let’s start easy, then.  I’ll open requests now.  If you’d like a free signed copy of Vicious Grace, leave a comment here with your email address in some slightly disguised form to confound spammers or drop me a line at dja at daniel abraham dot com.  On Wednesday, I’ll pick five folks at random and send out copies.

Additionally, in honor of our previous conversations here on the blog, the first five people to donate $50 to your local rape crisis line / rape prevention training / sexual abuse counseling joint, I’ll send you all three books.  And we’re working on the honor system here, folks.  I’m not gong to ask for receipts or anything.  Just know that if you lie about it just to score some free books, you’ll be the kind of person who’d lie about something like that just to score some free books.  You have to live with yourself.  Do the right thing.

Okay.  Back to work now.

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  1. Well, if’n you don’t mind shipping to the old Mother Country, I’d like a shot at this here competition. Tell you what, if I win I’ll buy books One and Two – I only recently discovered your work (after Hunter’s Run). Bought the Sub. Press edition of “Leviathan Wept” and have been dulyn impressed.

    email – david(AT)
    aka Thundersummoner, aka Davieboy

  2. I already have my book ordered but I’m not turning down the chance at a signed book :p

    brookfarrell at hotmail dot com

    I wish I had the money to donate

  3. I am interested in the give away, but I’m sitting here looking at a post that says it was done at 6:39 pm on November 21st, when it’s 2:15 pacific time (so 5:15 eastern). What time zone are you set to?

    Sorry, some days I have to obsess on the details.

  4. Well, a feebie signed copy would be awesome! And you wouldn’t even have to ship it, lol…

  5. I’m a law student who spent way too much time reading Long Price instead of textbooks. Gimme more!


  6. Actually read “hurt me” last night. Loved it. Keep it up. I’m really looking forward to all the new books this year and next. Jasewell33 at bellsouth dot net

  7. I’ve read the first two books in the series and loved them! Nov 30th has been circled on my calender for a while now.If I could have a signed copy that would be amazing! but my luck usually doesn’t work that way, I’ll give it a shot! although one way or another I’ll still get to read it! 🙂

  8. Well, I bought the first one and it’s been sitting in my long “to read” pile for a while now but if you were to send me the third, that would mean I need to go out and buy the second and then read them all. With 4 boys tormenting me constantly, I need all the good escapism I can get. 🙂

    jena at davisfam . org

  9. I alread have the first book, and would love to have a signed copy of the new book!

    jgriffin1018 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I came here from Carrie Vaughn’s facebook page. I’m sorry to say, I haven’t read this series. I’m definitely going to pick up the first 2 books 🙂 Thanks!

    angiebatgirl at gmail dot com

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