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A few things vicious and graceful

by Daniel Abraham

Vicious Grace has been out for about a month now, and there are a few more reviews: Urban Fantasy InvestigationsBibliopunkk, Book Series Reviews, Single Titles, Night Owl Paranormal, Romance Books Forum, Flamingnet (with particularly nifty emoticon summation), a bunch of opinion at GoodReads, and — of course — it’s been Klausnered.

*And* my very good friend from across the aisle, Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has been so kind as to post an excerpt.

Two bits of carry-home wisdom:

1) The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. — Oscar Wilde

2) Daniel, you know you shouldn’t read your reviews, right?  Seriously, this way lies madness. — Carrie Vaughn (somewhat misquoted)

[EDIT: And Calico Reaction.]

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  1. I loved it and of course if possible would like to know when the next one is scheduled to be released…..I enjoyed it! !!!!!

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