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Another Step Down the Dragon’s Path with extra added Hurt Me

by Daniel Abraham


Which is to say another excerpt is up at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.  I also got email from your friends and mine at Orbit.  They’ve got the actual book back from the printers.  While the ARCs for it are lovely, I’m looking forward to having the actual book in my hands. There are other excerpts up here and here.

And, in unrelated news, congratulations are due to my alter ego, MLN Hanover.  Her first short story — Hurt Me — has been picked for inclusion in Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2011.  It’s a blast to see my pseudonym up there with folks like Peter Watts and Joe Lansdale.  I expect the anthology will be a thoroughly disturbing read, and all the better for that.  And if you just can’t wait to read it, Hurt Me is still up as a podcastle episode with its own discussion thread.

I have to say, the response to that particular story has been fascinating.  I can’t talk about too many details without including massive spoilers, but the story I wrote appears to be the story about half the people who pick it up read.  I wouldn’t have thought this one was a Rorschach test, but I guess everything is.

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  1. Speaking of THE DRAGON’S PATH, I have a review of your book up on Literary Musings:

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. I’d love to hear your reaction to the PC discussion thread.

    • It’s tricky, because (as you know) it’s a tremendous failure of etiquette for writers to disagree with their readership. What’s on the page is on the page, and using the bully pulpit of authorial intent to say “what it means” lends itself to some pretty undignified situations.


      Still, I might say that my understanding of domestic abuse and marital rape — especially the options open to the victim — leaves less room for sympathy for the ghost than appears to be common. I am surprised that the story is as morally and tonally problematic as people find it. I personally don’t find the story ambiguous.

      • Thanks. I admit I was surprised by the perceived moral ambiguity as well. I saw it as a dark, empowering love story about healing, and I’m incredibly proud to have been able to reprint it 🙂

        (Though I’m fascinated by the discussion thread as well, and other people’s take on it.)

  3. Hiya! Couldn’t find a contact email, but I love your MLN Hanover books and the excerpt for Dagger & The Coin! I work in an independent bookstore in upstate NY and was wondering if you are ever out here and if you wanted to do a reading/signing? Ty Franck is welcome too when the James Corey book comes out. Does he have anything else out? I’m not sure if you can see the required-but-not-published email field, but our store email is at gmail dot com. Cheers!

  4. I just received The Dragon’s Path today from Amazon via pre-order and can’t wait read it. I read and loved The Long Quartet so I’ve been waiting for this one. Before I start though, I had to point out that the book itself is beautiful, and the blue used in the cover is amazing. I know, it sounds nuts to review the cover, but I’m a still a sucker for holding a beautiful book in my hands….

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