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Dueling Dragon’s Path Review

by Daniel Abraham

Not one but two (somewhat contradictory!) reviews and a nifty new look at Fantasy Book Critic.

One of the really interesting things about this gig is that everything you put out there is a Rorschach test.  Is it any wonder that writers are a neurotic bunch of folks?  Everything we do is given to the world for the casual judgment of others, and there isn’t even an objective scale.

Still *way* beats tech support.

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  1. I was part of a conversation last night that went something like this:

    Person #1: ….but then your hobby would become your job.
    Person #2: Yeah, and then I’d hate it. I’d get bored with it and hate it.
    Person #1: Carrie, what do you think about making your hobby your job?
    Me: Love it. Love it with a million floating hearts and would never ever change.

    (Love the reviews…waiting to see if some predictions about folks’ reaction to this one come true…)

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