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Another Dragon’s Path Review (Locus Edition)

by Daniel Abraham

The seem to like it.

“Prepare to be startled, shocked, and entertained.”

That’s good, right?

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  1. Will we get more distinctive info on the different races of the world in the next book? Will there be new, non-human POVs? Or would that count as a spoiler?

  2. “That’s good, right”

    That depends on the reader and what they are reading a book for. If they want “comfort reading”, the literary equivalent of potato chips, then, no, that is not what they want. There is a segment of the population that *wants* the pedestrian and familiar.

    The Dragon’s Path sounds like anything *but* pedestrian to me, and I think its a feature, not a bug.

  3. A very fine first book. My only question is when does the second one come out? You’ve done what good authors do, leave your readers hungering for more. Thanks!

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