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Leviathan Wakes in Publishers Weekly

by Daniel Abraham

Leviathan Wakes

"Kickass space opera" -- the totally unbiased George RR Martin

Ladies and gentlemen, I am tickled to announce (and offer links to) Publisher’s Weekly’s coverage of Leviathan Wakes.

In addition to the review (starred!), the fine folks at PW were kind enough to include a short interview with me (James) and Ty (Corey).  The bits of the interview that didn’t make it into PW are not, however, lost.  They’re captured at the Genreville blog.

And remember, you can get an advance copy of Leviathan Wakes if you get Dragon’s Path on the ebook platform of your choice.  Then the guys at Orbit’ll throw it in for free.

The authors (meaning us) would like to thank Rose Fox for pretty much just rocking.

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  1. You’re very welcome! Thanks for giving us a great interview.

  2. Um. Mr. Abraham, you create pen names but don’t create a facebook profile? Get with the program! Or do you have one and I’m missing it?

    Your loyal fan, Tom

  3. Dragon’s Path doesn’t appear to be available to Canadian customers using Amazon Kindle at all, at any price. 🙁

    Vicious Grace was available from Amazon Kindle two months ago and has been pulled from that format for all customers. Neither Amazon Kindle nor Simon and Schuster will give a reason for it not being available. I’m really enjoying the series and want to continue reading it on my Kindle. Do you have any explanation for this or know when it might be available again?

    Thanks for your tremendous writing. The Long Price Quartet was magnificent.

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