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George RR Martin, LOST, and Endings (with a little tiny bit o’ Daniel)

by Daniel Abraham

For those of y’all who missed this (which is, I assume, everyone) TV Squad interviewed George about his tiny little flame war with the creators of LOST, and in the course of things talked about our own gentleman’s disagreement over Babylon 5.


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  1. Hey, thanks for posting that. Lindelof’s reactions to Martin fascinated me, and I was curious about Martin’s thoughts on LOST in more detail. Additionally, you made me want to give B5 another shot.

  2. I find myself baffled that anyone liked the ending of BSG.

    It was one of the dumbest endings in history.

    • I’ve never watched BSG, but from everyone I’ve talked to agreed with your assesment, Ty. And so I’ve kept away.

      Similarly, I’ve also avoided Lost. Five or more seasons on one island is all the reason I need not to watch it. Looking at all the movies, books, and other TV shows with the same premise, universally they were short and to the point. Five plus seasons is far too long in theory, let alone practice.

      • I could see it being done, but I took a hiatus after season one to see whether people said it had an ending. The reviews were such that I’m probably taking a bye.

        The Wire, on the other hand, is in queue for just as soon as I can watch it with the kid in the house. So that may be a little while . . .

        • Both The Wire and The Shield ran for five (or more) seasons and wound up being compelling television with satisfying endings.

          • I meant TV shows that used the ‘trapped on a deserted island’ trope. There are plenty of TV shows that ran for five or longer seasons and were good, but IMO you can only milk the deserted island for so long.

          • Agreed. And they knew it, too. Later seasons included escaping the island for long stretches at a time. It ultimately didn’t change the bad ending, though.

            It should be apparent to all writers that if you just throw shit at a wall to see what sticks, you won’t wind up with a painting.

    • I agree totally. The end was horrible. It ruined the series for me.. a bad ending always ruins a story.

  3. I’m with you on the B5/BSG debate. B5 had a far more satisying ending (although i tend to think of season 4 as the true ending) and on repeat viewings you can see the seeds were being planted in the very first season especially concerning time travel. BSG on the otherhand doesn’t reward repeat viewings in the same sense and merely reinforces it was all being made up as they went along and often with little regard to what had been previously established. That said BSG was amazing up until mid-season 3. I think I could watch season 4 again as long as I removed a decimal off the number presented in the final 10 minutes too. Without spoiling things for folk who haven’t seen the show 10,000 is far more plausible than the nihilistic 100,000.
    In hindsight shows like Farscape stand up quite well. The show was episodic at heart but the overall narrative grew out of the show and ends surprisingly satisfactorily in terms of the narrative and characters.

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