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Apropos of Nothing

by Daniel Abraham

NPR was wondering what you thought the best fantasy and science fiction books of all time were.

I’d encourage everyone to head over there are vote your conscience.  Especially if you really liked my stuff.

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  1. Man, I’d hate to be the intern that has to go through all those thousands of comments to compile the list.

  2. Daniel, a quick question, if I may:

    Is the taxonomy of the Dagger and the Coin races included in the paperback version of THE DRAGON’S PATH? Or like… “not yet?”Because I heard some talk that it would be included in future editions. Or perhaps I misremember. (I want to order a paperback, but I’m not sure if it has that taxonomy included. I was thinking: if I’m going to order the book anyway, might as well wait for the version with the taxonomy included…) I’m guessing the paperback IS a future edition (relative to the hardback) in a sense, yeah? Thanks.

    Keep it (sur)real,

    • There is no hardback of Dragon’s Path (except for the book club edition with is really its own beast). There probably won’t be a mass market either. There are pretty good economic reasons for the move from hardback & mass market to trade paper & ebook, and I suspect we’re about to see a *lot* more of that.

      The taxonomy *will* be an extra in The King’s Blood.

  3. I just polished off Leviathan Wakes in three days. Best book I’ve read in a long time. The two person perspective really engaged opposing viewpoints dynamically. The backdrop felt like a plausible place for humanity in the next few hundred years. It flowed well and didn’t attempt to go down tech rabbit holes, while still remaining grounded in physics.
    In fact the only bit that found me dissatisfied was a bit of personal hubris applied to proper nouns. Please don’t feel I’m being critical as this is a note of hard headedness developed from eight years of being pounded over the head. Marines, when referring to the military term “Marine” is always capitalized. Also military ranks and most of the uses of “Navy” within the book would be, when used as proper nouns of organizations. Whereas “soldier” is a generic term (and can be applied to Marines. aka: soldiers of the sea), “Army Captain Joe Schmoe is an Army soldier”. The trick with Marine is you would never say “Marine marine Captain” which defaults to the proper noun/title only.

    I feel like a complete tool for making a point of this, but it was the only thing I walked away from the book feeling unhappy with. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second novel.

    • I also read Leviathan Wakes strait through ( four and three quarter days)
      and loved every minute. I’ve never presented a comment about any work of fiction before and I don’t want to ‘nitpick’, but…
      The fault, I’m sure, is with the printer.
      The first time we meet Fred in his office the space is described as being
      at least two meters square. Now I don’t know about you but I think that’s just a little tight. I had a Saturday Night Live moment approximating the space on my tiled floor and going through the motions… It’s just a little too intimate for me.
      If this means I’m an ungrateful, nasty little proof reading rodent in pointing that out, then I appologize.
      I am waiting for the second novel too.

    • Thanks for that note. We do want to get those details correct. I’ll keep this in mind when doing the edits on Caliban’s War.

      While neither of us have served in the military, we both want to treat the depictions with respect.

      • well if you ever have a question about the Marines I’ll be more than happy to answer or find the answer. Can’t wait for Caliban’s War.

        • I appreciate that offer.

          Because we have so much military stuff in Caliban, I’m having my friend who went to West Point look it over for authenticity. Hopefully that will help us avoid most of the major mistakes.

          • Cool. For not having a background you still have the basic feel for it come across. Written fiction tends to do a much better job of capturing the military than Hollywood, who tends to royally screw it up. Probably comes from not doing research / basing it off of other movies that were wrong. From a service member and a fiction reader’s perspective I appreciate that you are taking the effort to capture the feel so well. And there was no disrespect taken from the minor issue of capitalization. As long as you aren’t painting ALL military guys as murdering douchebag baby killers you’ll not cross that line. (‘s not to say there haven’t been a few of those types of sociopaths throughout history) The caps issue is a very common debate to the point where the NYTimes wrote an article about it a few years back. Keep writing like you two are and I’ll keep reading. And that offer stands even in the abstract of just random questions, hadn’t even thought about the chance to review an advance copy. *grins* I’ll be patient and wait like the rest of us regular folk. Is Caliban available for pre-order yet anywhere? Or at least a target date/quarter for release?

  4. Awesome job on Leviathan Wakes, guys! Keep ’em coming.

    • We’re getting the revision letter on Caliban’s War tomorrow, and we’re starting on Dandelion Sky as soon as we’re done with that. So we’ll do the best we can. 🙂

      • The very same. And now you belong to the inner circle of those who know the horrible secret of my real name.

        But it is a name that will hopefully appear on the cover of an SF novel some day, if printed books don’t go extinct before I get it finished and find a publisher.

        You boys have set the bar pretty high. Dare I hope that you will spark a revival in the venerable genre of the space opera?


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