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Butchery Expanse Style

by Ty Franck


A new short story in the Expanse universe dropped today, “The Butcher of Anderson Station.”  For those what wants more Fred Johnson or Anderson Dawes backstory.  Or for them what likes military Sci Fi.  Or for those with a new e-reader and not enough stuff stored on it.

You can check it out at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Reading this story is guaranteed to change your life forever.*


*Warning: this does not constitute a legal guarantee

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  1. Any chance this will be published in a DRM-free format somewhere? I’d love to buy it and Leviathan Wakes, but I don’t do DRM.

    Put them up on Smashwords or someplace similar and I’ll buy them today.

  2. It seems this is only available electronically to US residents, unlike the novel.
    Any word on international availability?

  3. It’s available as an epub in the Kobo store. I bought it!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed Leviathan Wakes and this short story helped to provide more background to Fred Johnson.
    I cannot wait til Caliban’s War comes out!

  5. Any chance they’re working to get this in the UK kindle store too? Don’t mind the DRM, just want to be able to buy it!

    • Probably yes, but not right away.

      Let me, just for a second here, sing the praises of Orbit. Weird context, I know, but hang with me. When Ty and I started hearing about Leviathan being available throughout the UK, but Butcher being limited, we dropped a line to our publicity guy there asking him if he knew what was up. A couple days later, we got a letter back from the publisher outlining the situation. This is kind of like calling into tech support and having the CEO follow up on it.

      I don’t get to talk about all the details, but it turns out there are some issues and obstacles that I hadn’t been aware of. Orbit *is* aware of them, and is actively in the process of getting them addressed, but has asked that I not give out the fine points. I will just say that I remain impressed by their thoroughness and professionalism, and I have no doubt that they would very much like to accept your money and give you a copy of Butcher of Anderon Station and are working to make that happen.

  6. Thanks for the speedy reply Daniel. Looking forward to it. I notice the Hanover books now have a UK publisher so I’m saving books 2+ until I can get the local edition.

  7. The link for the Kobo version – still with DRM, but at least not a proprietary version that can only be read on one company’s devices (unlike Amazon or B&N) is here:


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