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Some interesting tidbits about Daniel

by Ty Franck

The root cause of the Expanse series, Emily Mah, has done a nice interview with Daniel over at Black Gate.  She asks questions most other people don’t think to ask, so her interviews tend to be interesting.  You should read this one.

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  1. Lol, now what’s this I’ve been accused of causing? I think the Expanse series was truly caused by the bizarro anti-luck that you brought from whatever dimension spawned you. First a writer thinks your idea is so cool, he asks to cowrite with you, then the series sells like hotcakes, then Jeff Bezos displays an enormous picture of your novel on the Kindle Fire at the launch announcement. I was merely means used by the warped forces of your existence.

  2. So just to clarify… is passing the Park test concidered a good thing for your story or not? I didn’t get that bit.

  3. …because, y’know, semantic ambivalence is not a bad thing, in my opinion. Can be pretty poetic thing, that.

  4. So an RPG helped spawn Leviathan Wakes, is it likely that this might be released as a companion to the series?

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