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SF Signal Article

by Daniel Abraham

I saw you tonight. You were walking with your cabal from the university to the little bar across the street where the professors and graduate students fraternize. You were in the dark, plain clothes that you think of as elegant. I have always thought they made you look pale. I was at the newsstand. I think that you saw me, but pretended not to. I want to say it didn’t sting.


God, sometimes I amuse myself.

I have a guest post up at SF Signal.  I am very fond of it.

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  1. See, I have no longing for litfic or its approval. I just smugly deposit my checks.

  2. You’ve been linked by Nick Mamatas, but don’t be sad, he pretty much hates everything:

  3. I love that SF Signal post. I’m an actor/director and I’d really like your permission to perform it as a monologue, perhaps with some small changes to make it less letter-like.

  4. Of course I’d credit you! Thanks. There’s a festival in February I’ll apply to with it. I’ll let you know how it goes : )

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