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Ignite New Mexico: Adapting Game of Thrones

by Daniel Abraham

So a little while back, my buddy Cameron told me about this gig he’s part of here in Albuquerque called Ignite New Mexico.  Every so often folks get together and spend an evening doing presentations to one another.  The talks are five minutes long (no longer) on the theory that even if the talk sucks, something else interesting will be along in a minute.  I was in the first part of the Game of Thrones comic book adaptation, and so I did a (very) brief rundown of how that process works and what some of the challenges were coming into it.

We came out with something like this:

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  1. Daniel, I’m curious if you could share a bit more about the Daenerys angle…how seriously did you consider the “social importance” angle, why did you go with the age-up, etc.?

  2. Thanks so much for this, I’ve used this in my dissertation on adaptation (using GoT) 😀


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