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Random Stuff About Ty

by Ty Franck

Here I am interviewed by the center of the writing universe (seriously, this woman knows everyone) Emily Mah.  I mostly natter on about nonsense, but there’s a lovely picture of Jen Taylor, famous video game voice and TV/Movie actress, hugging on me.  So it’s worth checking out just for that.

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  1. Hello Mr. Franck,
    I recently finished Leviathan Wakes and I’m currently reading Caliban’s War.
    I’m enjoying it immensely but I’ve noticed it’s a bit “hetero-centric”.
    I’m sure that when you are writing you create a universe where you feel comfortable but when I’m reading I find myself living in your universe – and I don’t feel welcome.
    It would help if you created a universe where different expressions of human relationships exist as part of the norm.
    Just a thought for some future project.
    Kind regards

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