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Do you like cheap things? We have a cheap thing for you.

by Ty Franck

In a Crazy Eddie level price slashing move, Orbit has decided to sell a number of their e-book titles for $2.99 for a limited time.  One of those titles is Leviathan Wakes.  What makes this madness even more. . . mad, is that the e-book of Leviathan Wakes also contains a FREE copy of the ARC of Dragon’s Path.  That’s TWO books for $2.99, delivered right to your e-reader of choice!  That’s over 350,000 words of slam bang entertainment for less than a penny per thousand!  If you aren’t already buying one, you must be crazier than Orbit is.


Barnes & Noble

Note: the new price has already shown up at Amazon, but we expect it to roll out to all the other e-book sites in the very near future.

Update:  Ok, it looks like the promo officially starts tomorrow, and we’ll have more links to additional e-book sites then.  Looks like Amazon went a little early . . .

Update again:  Here is a link to the full list of e-retailers that have the discounted books.

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  1. No love for those of us who bought the book (paper and electronic in my case) at full price?


    Seriously, glad to hear there will be more in the ‘verse. Looking forward to it!

  2. Price is showing up at B&N’s site now.

  3. Instead of complaining, I bought this as a belated Christmas gift for some friends. “Here friend, here is two great books to read. Aren’t I generous?”

    I expect a cheek to cheek hug by the way, and it needs to last 10 seconds.

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