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Archive for March 2012

Some Big News About The Expanse

by Daniel Abraham

Worldcon last year was, y’all may recall, in Reno.  So not long after Ty turned to me and asked which of us had thought driving from Albuquerque to Reno would be a good idea, we got on to the final outline of the third book, then called Dandelion Sky, now retitled Abaddon’s Gate (not related to Warhammer 40,000, but thanks for asking).  And the big question was this:  is this it?  Is the whole show over?  It was weirdly melancholy […]

With thanks to Ben Rosenbaum

by Daniel Abraham

who pointed me toward it.    

The Dogs Project: The First Couple Critiques

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? First drafts are supposed to suck.  Seriously, it’s their job.  Trying to make everything that comes out the first time perfect is the way to writer’s block, frustration, and madness (as, it turns out, is trying to get any freaking work done in the waiting room at Carmax, but that’s another story).  If y’all have been following this, you’ve seen how the first draft came out.  Now, we’re going to talk about the actual *important* […]

Daniel Abraham

by Daniel Abraham

  Not me, but another fella who seems to be having a fine time with the name.

The Dogs Project: Part Ten

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? Living without a dog felt strange.  It felt wrong.  It felt better than living with one.  Maybe later, Charlie told himself, it would get easier.  But days passed and flesh knitted.  The last stitches came out, and the low, grey skies of winter settled in.  Thanksgiving came and went, and Christmas began its low, flat descent.  He had nightmares sometimes, but less.  He had moments of profound and crippling fear that came like bad weather […]

The Dogs Project: Part Nine

by Daniel Abraham

What is the Dogs Project? He didn’t hear Adam’s footsteps, only his sigh.  Charlie looked up.  Adam was in the doorway, a handful of pale green printer paper in his hand, a grim expression on his face.  Charlie tried to smile.  Tried to wave hello.  His body wouldn’t comply. “Rough day,” Adam said.  It wasn’t a question. Charlie felt a tear on his cheek.  He hadn’t realized he was weeping. “I can’t do this,” he said.  His voice was weak.  […]

Our new robot overlords form a band

by Daniel Abraham

  This is deeply cool, and — in an age of automated predator drones — also kind of creepy.