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I want to give a couple books away. . .

by Ty Franck

A member of the Rocinante’s crew has been following @abrahamhanover for a while now.  The first three people to tweet that person’s hometown to that person’s twitter account will get a copy of Caliban’s War, signed by the two of us.

Once we select the winners, we’ll tell them to email mailing addresses to us.  I’ll post the winner list here, too.

This is my first time doing a giveaway like this, so be patient if there are glitches.

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  1. Darn it. I know which crew member…but not their hometown.

  2. Forcing us to use twitter? NEVER!

    I would have preferred a contest about something that was in the podcast last week. (probably because that is infinitely more interesting than anything that can be posted in 140 characters)

    • I also don’t use twitter. But a jillion people do, and we’re trying to find ways to do this “social media” thing all the kids are talking about. Next time we’ll do something else.

      But you don’t actually have to sign up for it. If you email me the person’s name and hometown, I’ll count that as a win.

      • Other than my distaste for twitter, I actually liked this contest. It seemed to be targeted toward your existing fan base…which is always appreciated.

        Which got me thinking about using social media for new readers.

        One word: Audiobooks (or is that suppose to be 2?)

        Find someone with a great voice and record the first 4 chapters of Leviathan Wakes. Send to Pat’s Hotlist / Wertzone / YouTube / etc.

        It is much easier for me to sit at work and listen to something than read it. Plus I think it’s easier to forward on to friends.

        When Daniel had an audioversion of ‘Hurt Me’ produced, I sent that to everyone.

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