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by Ty Franck

Still likes us, apparently.

Caliban’s War is up for a best of 2012 in the Science Fiction category.  Thanks to everyone who’s put us on their reading list on Goodreads.  We are humbled.

Also, some fantasy book called King’s Blood made the best of Fantasy list.

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  1. King’s Blood. Never heard of it! 😉

  2. Voted for King’s Blood!

    I have a feeling either yourself or Stephen King will win that category.

  3. I just finished reading Caliban’s War (which is why I am here – nifty move putting the web address in the back).

    I am not a literary critic, just guy who reads a lot of books – mostly sci fi and fantasy and I have to say that Caliban’s War was a rollicking (is that a word?) good read. I enjoyed Leviathan wakes, but I am of the opinion that Calaban’s War is on a level above it, simply could not put it down.

    When is the next book in the series being released?

    Am about to read Pillars of the Earth for a change of pace – then I will give The Kings Blood a spin.

  4. One a year for the foreseeable future? Good to hear. Just came here from Aidan Moher’s site where I read it was going to be a trilogy concluding with Abbaddon’s Gate, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t so.
    Keep up the great work, guys!

  5. Voted!!! Love The Expanse!

  6. I tried buying Caliban’s War from every audiobook-store that was selling it.
    Lucky me I live in Germany and cannot buy the english (or any other language for that matter) version of this audiobook thanks to international publishing law.
    Please fix that shit so i can hand you my all my money

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