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Lizard Brain is a shared blog about Science Fiction and Fantasy from Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

Nemesis Games is starting to become a real thing.

by Ty Franck

Behold.  Cover art.



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  1. What right thinking person DOESN’T want it? :)

  2. I’m crying right now, you don’t even know.

  3. Omg. I can’t wait for this. Any hints at a release date?!

  4. Between reindeer and hunger, there is only… NEMESIS.

  5. That’s so““`You guys are so quick!! I am still translating Caliban’s War, I must keep up with the pace.

  6. there’s a couch in the den, in a wood-pressed paneled room, with a black-and-white television recessed into the wall. mom and i share one couch, my sister is on the other.

    star trek is on and we’re focused on the episode.

    now that couch is gone, my sister lives in south carolina, my mom (and dad) are buried not 10 miles away from where i live in new york.

    star trek is in reruns.

    and the episode grew, a thousand fold.

  7. Can’t wait. Will there be any more short stories released in the interim?

  8. That looks so friggin’ awesome, I absolutely cannot wait. And I already couldn’t wait, so I guess that means I’m pretty damn impressed.

    Best cover so far! How is it every new cover amazes me even more than the last? Your artist is amazing.

  9. When can we pre-order?

  10. So happy to see this!! Are we going to get a loveluy novella in The Expanse series as well?

    I just INHALED The Widow’s House (after Amazon bizarreky failed to deliver my pre-ordered copy on time I happened to be in Portland and picked up a copy at Powell’s while on a business trip. Needless to say, I read the book in its entirety by the time I got back home from my 4-day trip!

    So the sad part is that there’s no new Corey/Abraham work before June 2015 to look forward to? Wahhhhh.

    • I’m halfway done with Widow’s House myself, and find that I am slowing down to not finish it too fast. It’s the first book of the series where I don’t know everyth9ing that’s going to happen.

  11. That is hot.

    Hope you’re having a great time with it! Cheers!

  12. Ty, the cover art for these books is astonishing. When you first put the preliminary cover art for Leviathan Wakes up, it went up as my wallpaper. This one might be my favorite so far (and not just because of the explosions).


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