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author of The Dragon's Path

Books by Daniel Abraham

The Long Price Quartet

Daniel Abraham’s acclaimed debut series. Published in four volumes in the US, and two volumes in the UK.

The Dagger and the Coin

A new epic fantasy series from Daniel Abraham begins with The Dragon’s Path.

Short fiction

“Mixing Rebecca”, The Silver Web #13, 1996 “Veritas”, Absolute Magnitude, Summer 1998 “Jaycee”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, December 1999 “Chimera 8″, Vanishing Acts (anthology), 2000 “Tauromachia”, (with Walter Jon Williams, Sage Walker, and Michaela Roessner), Event Horizon (web site) and Asimov’s, November/December 2000 “As Sweet”, Realms of Fantasy, December 2001 “Exclusion”, Asimov’s, February 2001 “A Good Move in Design Space”, Bones of the World (anthology), 2001 “The Lesson Half Learned”, Asimov’s, May 2001 “Gandhi Box”, Asimov’s, January 2002 “The Apocrypha According […]