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Nemesis Games is starting to become a real thing.

by Ty Franck

Behold.  Cover art.  

Other Stuff

by Daniel Abraham

So, it’s been pointed out that we’ve been pretty Expanse-centric around here of late — and for decent reason, I think — but there are other things going on. So, for those keeping score at home, here’s how things stand: 1) Bubonicon Ty and I are both at Bubonicon this weekend. If you’re in Albuquerque, do stop by. 2) The Widow’s House launch The Widow’s House — fourth and penultimate book of The Dagger and the Coin — launches Tuesday […]

Long-promised news on the TV Show

by Daniel Abraham

Sometimes you start something really big and complicated – like entering a whole new kind of business for instance – and you really really hope that things are going to go well? Yeah, so about that . . . A few months ago, it was announced that SyFy, Sean Daniel Company, and Alcon Entertainment had made a deal to make The Expanse into a TV show. Ten episodes, straight to series (which means we wouldn’t be making a pilot episode […]

James SA Corey Google Talk

by Daniel Abraham

So here’s a thing that happened.

James SA Corey’s Phoenix Comicon Schedule

by Daniel Abraham

So we’re heading to Phoenix Comicon this coming weekend from our new day gig in LA.  Here’s what they’ve got us booked for: Putting the Science in Science Fiction : Science guest Phil Plait and science fiction writers talk about keeping the science real, or appearing real, in science fiction.   Panelists: John Scalzi, L.E. Modesitt Jr, Phil Plait, Ty Franck When: Fri, 10:30–11:30AM  Room: Sheraton Valley of the Sun Spotlight on James S. A. Corey, the creator of The Expanse : A spotlight […]

How To Buy Cibola Burn

by Daniel Abraham

The early reviews of Cibola Burn are pretty decent.  Starred reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal.  We’re being sent out on a book signing tour for the first time ever.  Interest is high, especially with the TV show taking shape.  But chances are good that the preorders are going to be low.  Why?  Because Amazon has decided to escalate its let’s-call-them-negotations with Hachette by pulling the preorder option. Now to be perfectly honest, we’re going to be fine.  Our […]

Signed Cibola Burn

by Daniel Abraham

So while there’s that, y’know, half the country that’s not going to be covered by the book tour, your friends and mine at Orbit are putting together some signed bookplates. So that’s cool, right?

Los Angeles Signing and the Prix Imaginales for. . . Daniel Hanover?

by Daniel Abraham

So, first off, we have achieved an additional signing in Los Angeles.  We will be at Barnes & Noble Santa Monica on June 17th at 7pm.  We’ll be reminding y’all as we get closer, but if you’re in LA, please come play. And in other news . . . well, this is really cool, but it takes a little explanation.  My first fantasy series — The Long Price Quartet — did not, perhaps light the world of commercial fantasy on […]

James SA Corey’s West Coast Book Tour

by Daniel Abraham

So the fine folks at Orbit are sending us out on a short tour about when Cibola Burn hits shelves.  The gigs we’ve got so far look like this: Wednesday, June 18th 7 PM: Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch (Denver, CO) Thursday, June 19th  7 PM: Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing (Portland, OR) Friday, June 20th  7 PM: Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA) Saturday, June 21st  3 PM: Borderlands (San Francisco, CA) Sunday, June 22nd  3 PM: Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle, WA) […]

The Expanse PICKED UP at SYFY

by Daniel Abraham

So The Expanse has been picked up for a 10-episode season by Syfy on the strength of an amazing script by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.  Not shooting a pilot, commitment to a full season. We have a *great* team, and they’re only getting better. Things are going to get interesting right about now