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Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, and io9

by Daniel Abraham

If you’re into it, I have an article about Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale up at  Check it out.


The Vampire of Kabul and other reports

by Daniel Abraham

Oh, many, many cool things going on, several of which I should be doing instead of blogging, but you know how it goes, right?

The new Balfour and Meriwether short story is up at Subterranean magazine along with a very nice review of Leviathan Wakes.  I’ve just gotten the go-ahead on an article for io9 about Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that I’ve wanted to write since I first read the book decades ago.  There are book contract conversations mulling and roiling about which I can give no information yet, but it will come, it will come.  There are strange and unsubstantiated rumors about which I cannot yet comment involving strange purchases of certain volumes.  I’ve just finished an interview by my old friend Emily Mah for Black Gate which should be up sometime in the next month or so.  And I’ve been invited to be the weekend speaker at this year’s Taos Toolbox.  And my Darling Wife is testing for her next belt tomorrow.

And how’s the world been treating you?


Jeff Bezos and Jim Holden photobomb

by Daniel Abraham

Yeah, yeah, a bunch of new and important things happening with Kindle.  Industry being reshaped.  But that’s our book in the background.  Cool!

Bezos and Holden

Bezos and Holden


Seriously, I feel like the guy making faces behind the reporter.  Look at me!  Look at me!


Just wow.

by Daniel Abraham

I’m sure many of you have seen Michele Lee’s 7-year-old daughter react to the DC-rebooted Starfire.

But if you haven’t, do.

[NOTE: the sheer volume of response appears to have taken down Ms. Lee’s blog.  There’s a reason for that.]


A Shadow in Summer on Fantasy Faction, with extra added my teacher used to tell me . . .

by Daniel Abraham

First of the Long Price Quartet, and darn spiffy cover art if I do say so myself.

Well if you’ve read A Shadow in Summer and want to talk about what I got right and wrong in it, or if you’ve wanted to read it and talk about it with someone, or if you just really enjoy spoiler and would like to get a good understanding of the book without actually reading it, October is your lucky month.  Your friends and mine at Fantasy-Faction are looking to start up a conversation about the book.

I have to admit, I look on these with a mixture of delight and trepidation.  You may remember the short story club’s conversation about The Best Monkey.

Looking back at A Shadow in Summer, I have to admit I would do one thing differently.  Specifically, I would add one simple, declarative sentence on page 231 of the hardback that would clarify and dispel the one persistent criticism people have of the book.  But as my old teacher, Fred Saberhagen said, if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the page.  The joy of being a writer is living forever with our petty failures.

So anyway, if you’re up for it, by all means go talk the book over.


Game of Thrones Issue One: Dueling Reviews

by Daniel Abraham

Geeks of Doom:  A Game Of Thrones #1 was everything I could ever want in an adaptation…and more.

IGN: It quickly becomes apparent that the structure of an ongoing, monthly series isn’t ideal for adapting such a long novel.

Thou readst black where I read white.












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The Washington Post

by Daniel Abraham

It’s a short review, but it’s in the Washington Post.  That’s enough to make my day a better place, right?

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Been awhile (Worldcon Edition)

by Daniel Abraham

How’ve y’all been doing?

August turned out to be a pretty rough month.  First off, there was San Diego Comicom, then I came back to two weeks of house guests (my niece and brother-in-law), then Worldcon in Reno.  After that, there was this fairly impressive illness that took me out for about a week.  Anyway.  The upshot is we’ve been thin on the ground these last few weeks.

Worldcon, old news though it may be, was a blast.  The best moment for me was my Kaffeklatsch where Rose Fox and Jo Walton showed up.  I have to admit I got a little fanboy-ish over Jo Walton in particular.  We got together for coffee a couple times in the course of the convention, and I think she’s simply the bee’s knees.  I got to hear something about her project after Among Others, and now I want badly to read the finished book.  (A very close contender for Best Moment was dinner with Tim Holman, the commanding mind behind Orbit, and talking about the relationship between reader and author.)

Worst moment:  Eight hours into the drive to Reno, Ty turned to me and said “Whose idea was it that we drive?”  The silver lining on that one was driving through the vast emptiness between Las Vegas and Reno, we saw a predator drone and a couple of disturbingly remote (but apparently legal) brothels.  So wouldn’t have seen those.  I have, however, had to reaffirm my commitment to no 16-hour road trips.  We left Reno after the Wildcards panel on Sunday and got home in time for me to get the Darling Child to school in the morning.

There’s a lot of news brewing — I mean a lot.  Some’s good, some’s challenging, but the one thing I wanted to point up today is a little appreciation of Jennifer Heddle.

Jen was the editor at Pocket who fist picked up the Black Sun’s Daughter books.  From the time that MLN Hanover first came into being, Jen Heddle was the one who cultivated and shepherded the project.  Even MLN’s only short short — Hurt Me — first appeared in an anthology that Jen was overseeing.

Jen is starting her new job now, working on media tie-in books with Lucasfilms.  I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for all the time and attention she put into the Black Sun books.  The last one she worked on — Killing Rites — will be out in a couple months.  I’m expecting her replacement at Pocket to be named shortly, and I’m looking forward to working with Pocket for a long time.  No matter who is it or how good they are, Jen will be missed.  She’s a damn good editor, a consumate professional, and Lucasfilms is lucky to have her.


Even MTV thinks we’re geeks

by Ty Franck

The people who run the MTV Geek website were on hand at Bubonicon, and interviewed both Daniel and I.  Snippets of the interviews are now available on their site.  I link them here for your amusement.

Daniel is interviewed.

Ty is interviewed.


Worldcon Schedule

by Daniel Abraham

If any of y’all are coming to Worldcon in Reno this year, here’s the list of places you may find me formally.  apart from these, I’ll likely be hanging around in the bar or losing money in the casino.

Thu 11:00 – 12:00, Autographing: Thu 11:00 (Autographing), Hall 2
Autographs (RSCC)

Thu 13:00 – 14:00, KaffeeKlatsch: Thu 13:00 (KaffeeKlatsch),

Fri 10:30 – 11:00, Reading: Daniel Abraham (Reading), A14 (RSCC)

Sat 12:00 – 13:00, Giving and Receiving Critiques (Panel), A16
Many writers participate in writers workshops, but it can
be difficult, especially for new writers, to give critiques
helpfully and receive critiques gracefully. Experienced
workshoppers discuss techniques for critiques.

Sun 12:00 – 13:00, Wild Cards (Panel), A01+6 (RSCC)