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Hollywood Moguls Take Note!

by Ty Franck

io9 doesn’t hate it.


What to do with 1000 blank white pages – Babel Clash

by Daniel Abraham

What to do with 1000 blank white pages – Babel Clash.

The next of the Babel Clash entries.


Babel Clash: The Enclashening

by Daniel Abraham

Or, y’know, something.

Anyway, Ty and I are doing a run over at Borders’ Babel Clash blog.  If you want to come play, the first note is up here.

ED: And the second one’s here.


Hal Duncan and George RR Martin’s Abusive John

by Daniel Abraham

As a warning to the easily offended, Hal Duncan works blue, but he’s not wrong.

Niall Alexander: I believe authors should be able to write what they want when they want rather than writing to a timetable dictated by the whims of what a particular sphere of readers are seen and indeed heard to want.

Martin Lewis: That is absolutely right up until the moment they start writing an open-ended serial with the deliberate aim of making more money. In which case you become a business and your subscribers are perfectly entitled to ask where the hell there product is. Martin didn’t invent the commercialisation of fantasy but he certainly played along with it so artisitic freedom goes out the window.

There’s a whole lot of wrong in that second quote, as I see it, so I may post a more detailed response on how profoundly harmful I think that mindset is for a marketing category that’s been commercial since its inception in the pulps, but for now I’m just going to unleash the snark.”

In Which the Snark is Unleashed.  Come For the Rage, Stay for the Extended Metaphor


SF Signal and the AV Club: Am I Above the Law Yet?

by Daniel Abraham

Ok, this may be the best morning ever.

First off, Patrick Hester interviewed me for the SF Signal podcast.  (Not a repeat from Orbit’s podcast.)

Then, James SA Corey is up to do a Big Idea for Scalzi in a couple months (my first).

And then I got reviewed in the AV Club.  (B+, the same grade as David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King)

“And for the first half of the book, it seems Abraham is perfectly content to coast on such clichés. Then slowly, cumulatively, almost magically, The Dragon’s Path does something unexpected: It gets really damn good.”

“…as the story progresses, it becomes obvious what Abraham’s up to: In order to juggle so many characters, events, and races of unfamiliar humanoids (no easy elves here), he’s hoping to err on the side of clarity. Which he does, brilliantly. As the plotlines take root and braid together, his stereotypes shed their stock skins and start taking big, deep breaths. Abraham’s dialogue starts to pop, all while retaining a subtle economy that communicates far more than the words being spoken.”

Oh good day, very good day.

[ED: *And* the podcast with is out too.  I believe I have achieved saturation.]


Lo, Daniel is Podcast

by Daniel Abraham

Jack Womack, author of Elvissey, talks to me about Dragon’s Path in the new Orbit podcast.

Have I mentioned recently that I love my life?  I freaking love my life.

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Killing Rites

by Daniel Abraham

Jayné's New Look

The new cover art for Killing Rites is now with us.  It’s a departure in that Jayné has gotten some color and appears to be approaching a BMI that might be healthy for her.  I think she looks lovely.

And hey, nice crow, right?


My Left Ear

by Daniel Abraham

For those who missed the signing at the Poisoned Pen, good news!  It was live webcast and (mostly) recorded.  There were a few minute of chatting with folks before the show started, but that was mostly just explaining what happened with the big switch from Tor to Orbit after the Long Price books.

Ken, who was there, had a review of the event.  Also, my thanks to Sam Sykes for helping get out the word.

Watch live streaming video from poisonedpenauthorevent at



by Daniel Abraham

“If we don’t find an antidote her heart’s gonna explode like a sausage casing full of weasels.”

No more monologuing, or I'll Swiss-cheese you on principle.

Normally, I sped my time on the blog subtly trying to charm everyone in general into buying my books, nominating me for the Tiptree, stuff like that.  But not today.  Today, I’m doing humanity in general and you in particular a huge favor. I’m telling you to go buy this. If you trust me, just go do it.  Don’t ask, don’t read about it, just make the purchase, clear the evening, and cruise through the first three episodes. This series was built for fans and sophisticates of fantasy and science fiction, and they are nigh infinitely rewatchable. I heard about it from Carrie Vaughn.  I’ve converted Ian Tregellis and Pat Rogers.  Somehow this has flown almost entirely under the radar.  It should be celebrated as at least the equal of Bubbahotep, The Tick, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera and — yes, I’ll say it — Firefly. If you need more persuasion, it’s available. Oh, and


The Poisoned Pen

by Daniel Abraham

Just a reminder to all the folks out in Arizona that MLN Hanover and Daniel Abraham will be hanging out, visiting, signing books, and making jokes at the expense of our enemies at The Poisoned Pen tomorrow, April 20th.  James S A Corey will also sort of be there, but will only be signing his first name.

If you can’t be there, but would like to get a signed copy of something, you can reach the store at (888) 560-9919 and they’ll probably be up for arranging shipping and such.

Please do consider telling all your friends and relatives.  The fine folks at Orbit have been very kind in sponsoring the trip, the folks at The Poisoned Pen are kind to have me, and only you and your vast and powerful social network can justify their faith in me.  (More on that later.)

One word of warning: starting unfounded rumors that I’m really a secret billionaire who’s been hiring Neil Gaiman to ghostwrite for me is, however tempting, still considered unethical.  I asked.