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L. A. Noire: The Soft-Boiled Detective

by Daniel Abraham

It’s been a couple months since I finished playing through LA Noire, but as I dig it out of the pile and take it over to Ty that he may undermine his productivity for a change, I find myself thinking back on it with real fondness and no particular desire to return.  There aren’t a lot of things that inspire this kind in instant nostalgia in me. It was my first Rockstar game.  I am assured by those who know […]

MLN on UF: Why Jayne Heller Won’t Get Raped

by Daniel Abraham

The countdown is started.  It’s a month until Vicious Grace hits shelves, and I’m getting nervous about it.  I always do this.  You know, covertly start checking the Amazon ranking (even though I know it doesn’t actually provide solid, useful data), checking for early reviews, and generally throwing the bones in hopes that it’s going to do well. It’s an illness.  It really is. But something happened at my reading at MileHiCon that I wanted to talk about. So let’s […]

100 Aspects of Genre: Learning from the Dead and the Dying

by Daniel Abraham

I did say before that this was, intellectually speaking, a work in progress. In thinking about genre, the thing I struggle with the most is that it doesn’t exist.  Genre can’t exist within any given project or any given author.  To the degree that it’s anything at all, it’s a relationship between individual projects, individual authors, and individual books.  When I say China Mieville is New Weird rather than Urban Fantasy, I’m not actually saying anything about Perdido Street Station […]