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Toronto Diary Day Four

by Ty Franck

And the answer to, “What the hell is a concept meeting?” So, here we are on our fourth day in Toronto. After an exhausting night of sitting in Executive Producer Naren Shankar’s hotel room and rewriting scripts while drinking red wine, we began the next day at a very civilized 9am. It’s a big day. We finally met our episode 13 director, Thor Freudenthal. Now the real work began. Set tours and concept meetings and tone meetings and production meetings. […]

Jimmy Corey’s Science Corner

by Ty Franck

This will hopefully become a regular feature here at the Lizard.  While I am not a scientist (just go ahead and mentally append IANAS onto everything science related I say) I am a voracious reader on science related topics.  Many of these tidbits find their way into my fiction and the worlds I create.  If they show up in a way that betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the science, just go ahead and throw that mental IANAS onto them and […]

We had cover art (II)

by Daniel Abraham

Oops. Looks like Orbit hasn’t actually released that art into the wild.   If you see copies of it elsewhere, be aware that Orbit hasn’t yet authorized its distribution.