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Guest Post: Railguns and Plasma, oh my!

by Ty Franck

Hey all, we have a guest post from writer and scientist M.T. Reiten about the technology behind the railguns in The Expanse universe. He talked through this with me years ago, long before we were producing the show, but it’s taken this long to get his guest post written and up because he’s an actual scientist who works on government projects and we had to be sure he wasn’t violating any non-disclosure kind of stuff. But we finally have permission, […]

Want to fly around Saturn?

by Ty Franck

Of course you do.  So go do it.

Space stations!

by Ty Franck

io9 has a nifty bunch of videos of possible space habitats.  The habitat in an asteroid video is posted next to a mention of Leviathan Wakes and Greg Bear’s book Eon.  This type of asteroid habitat is very different from the cramped corridors of our much less posh stations in Leviathan Wakes, but it’s what I imagine our Belters working their way up to eventually. Also, getting mentioned in the same breath as Greg Bear doesn’t suck.

Jimmy Corey’s Science Corner

by Ty Franck

This will hopefully become a regular feature here at the Lizard.  While I am not a scientist (just go ahead and mentally append IANAS onto everything science related I say) I am a voracious reader on science related topics.  Many of these tidbits find their way into my fiction and the worlds I create.  If they show up in a way that betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the science, just go ahead and throw that mental IANAS onto them and […]