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Howl (not quite a movie review)

by Ty Franck

My wife and I recently watched ‘Howl’, the 2010 release starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg.  We both enjoyed the movie, though in a post “So I married an Axe Murderer” world Ginsberg’s stilted beat style poetry readings can seem a little campy.  Blame Mike Meyers for that. But the court case at the center of the film got my wife and I talking about how quickly the concept of ‘obscenity’ has changed.  The publisher of Howl had to go […]

The Importance of Plot Hooks (Dragon Age II)

by Ty Franck

While I think the much anticipated follow up to Dragon Age: Origins is inferior in a number of ways, I’m going to pick on one in particular in this post. The absence of compelling plot hooks. In many ways a computer (or console) RPG is like a novel.  You create the character, but the game designers drop your creation into their world, show them what needs to be done, and then give them the tools to do it. The joys […]

What the internet was made for?

by Ty Franck

Overweight middle aged white guys talking about space ships. The only thing that saves this is that we have the incomparable Carrie Vaughn doing the interview, and she is neither middle aged, nor overweight, nor a guy. Leviathan Wakes Interview part 1 Leviathan Wakes Interview part 2 Leviathan Wakes Interview part 3 Go watch us natter on.

100 Aspects of Genre: Story v. Sentence

by Daniel Abraham

A couple of years ago, I had a very pleasant dinner with (among others) THE Sodomite Hal Duncan, a delightful and brilliant gentleman and good dinner conversation besides.  We had a polite disagreement that has come up again recently, and I find myself reviewing my position in the conversation we had back then and amending my position (without actually going so far as to embrace his).  The subject was whether text and meaning were separable.  This is the kind of […]


by Ty Franck

So, three people have asked me about collaboration, specifically my collaboration with Daniel on the Expanse series, in the last couple days. I thought it might be nice to explain the origin of James Corey and his project The Expanse. Why: First off, the obvious answer. Daniel and I are collaborating on this project because we actually want to. We’ve been friends longer than we’ve been writing partners. His family hangs out at my house, my wife and I hang […]

Toward a Unified Theory of Pseudonyms

by Daniel Abraham

I was talking about this a lot over on the Westeros forum, and Ty suggested I post a copy here.  He’s probably right.  He usually is.  And even when he’s wrong, he’s just so damn charming about it, right? Anyway, here I am on a site dedicated to two and a half different versions of me.  So.  Why pseudonyms? One of the folks on the Westeros forums posed the perfectly reasonable theory that a single recognizable name crossing several subgenres […]