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Nothing to report

by Daniel Abraham

I have been to Los Angeles.  I have spoken to producers and managers.  I have eaten a $22 bagel that someone else paid for.  I have been in an elevator with a cut crystal chandelier.  Some people I shall not name are reading Leviathan Wakes and the first three Black Sun’s Daughter books.

Chances are that nothing will come of it, but it won’t be because we didn’t put a chip on the table.  I am, from one perspective, a professional gambler.

Oh,  also and unrelated, I have been to The Bunny Museum and it is so entirely full of WTF that it threatens to create its own event horizon.

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  1. Hey, that sounds very…Hollywood. I am going to be there this week. I wish we could have overlapped.

    Although honestly, I wouldn’t have paid for your $22 bagel.

  2. The Bunny Museum: did you visit before or after you saw the advert?

    Good luck with that chip.

  3. For $22, did the bagel come with caviar cream cheese?

  4. As I recall, it came with smoked salmon and a variety of other toppings.