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Checking In

by Ty Franck

My partner in crime notified me that I’d taken too long an absence from the blog, and people were probably assuming I’d died. Possibly in a closet with no pants on and something wrapped around my neck.

I have not died, especially like that.

I have an update coming on my surreal life in which I discuss what it’s like to accompany a major writing celebrity on a Hollywood media frenzy. It also include my thoughts on the Rolls Royce versus the Mercedes as a means of being chauffeured about. I now have thoughts on that topic, where once I did not.

To hold you over until my next exciting post, you may check out this glowing review of Leviathan Wakes by Liviu over at Fantasy Book Critic.

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  1. We miss you over at UF too. Your zings are always appreciated. LOL!