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Dragon’s Path and Killing Rites and… and… and…

by Daniel Abraham

Just a couple bits of news:

1 ) Your friend and mine MLN Hanover is spending the next couple three days finishing up the first draft of Killing Rites.  It will officially be turned in to the publisher (along with a pitch for the next couple books) by this time next week.  Woo hoo!  This one’s been harder than the last ones, but I’m tickled with how it’s coming out.  And I get to play with a character whose company I’ve been missing.

2 ) Yeah, the secret project is still secret, but when it’s announced, oh you will know it.  Oh yes.

This might be the cover art. It might not. Until I open the box, the cat is both dead and alive, right?

3 ) My authors copies of Wild Cards: The Hard Call are apparently in the mail to me. I am inordinately pleased, because ohmigod was that project a struggle.  I have to say that Eric Battle was a real pleasure to work with, and I’m quite pleased with how it came out in the end.  Or I assume I am.  I should probably get a copy in hand before I squee too loud.

4 ) The first officially released excerpt of The Dragon’s Path is presently up at A Dribble of Ink.  Because of the way the book’s built, there will probably be a few more sections leaking out over the next couple of months.  I’ll let you know when I know.  For now, please send all your friends and acquaintances over to Aidan, comment, debate, and generally maintain the level of conversation.  Or something.

5 ) The Science Fiction Book Club is going to be featuring Dragon’s Path as one of its alternate selections.

6 ) Oh, and Publisher’s Weekly mentioned a few sci-fi and fantasy books they’re apparently looking forward to.   Dragon’s Path is #2 on their wish list (um, if you list them alphabetically).  My personal fave on the list (besides me) is Carrie Vaughn’s tale of a forensic accountant in a world of superheroes.

7 ) If you’d rather hear them on tape or CD, Leviathan Wakes and Dragon’s Path are both going to be recorded by your friends and mine at Recorded Books.

8 ) Fred Saberhagen fans! Golden Reflections is almost out.  It’s a reprint of Fred’s novel Mask of the Sun with brand new stories set in the same universe as written by folks like Harry Turtledove, Walter Jon Williams, David Weber, Jane Linskold, and me.

Okay.  More actual thought later.  Must go finish book…

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  1. Hey, Amazon has Dragon’s Path 12¢ cheaper printed than the Kindle edition. Is there a version that you see more of that ~$10.00?

  2. ok. here’s another one.

    if Borders is still in business in April, would it be any better for you for me to pick it up there? or is the real takeaway that the distribution source is pretty irrelevant to the author’s on a nuts-and-bolts level?

  3. oh, and thanks for the reply!


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