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What the internet was made for?

by Ty Franck

Overweight middle aged white guys talking about space ships.

The only thing that saves this is that we have the incomparable Carrie Vaughn doing the interview, and she is neither middle aged, nor overweight, nor a guy.

Leviathan Wakes Interview part 1

Leviathan Wakes Interview part 2

Leviathan Wakes Interview part 3

Go watch us natter on.

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  1. If you are middle aged, then I am…

  2. Great interview, you three. Ty, you had me laughing aloud with ‘Y’know, there should be a gun-fight here.”

    Suddenly I was looking back at LPQ thinking of all the wild things that COULD have happened hmmm, could stone-made-soft turn someone’s bones to liquid?

    Once that image crossed my mind, I knew I’d have to pick up Leviathan Wakes, just to see what sort of trouble you’ll have implemented.

  3. Haha! That was cool! 😀