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The Poisoned Pen

by Daniel Abraham

Just a reminder to all the folks out in Arizona that MLN Hanover and Daniel Abraham will be hanging out, visiting, signing books, and making jokes at the expense of our enemies at The Poisoned Pen tomorrow, April 20th.  James S A Corey will also sort of be there, but will only be signing his first name.

If you can’t be there, but would like to get a signed copy of something, you can reach the store at (888) 560-9919 and they’ll probably be up for arranging shipping and such.

Please do consider telling all your friends and relatives.  The fine folks at Orbit have been very kind in sponsoring the trip, the folks at The Poisoned Pen are kind to have me, and only you and your vast and powerful social network can justify their faith in me.  (More on that later.)

One word of warning: starting unfounded rumors that I’m really a secret billionaire who’s been hiring Neil Gaiman to ghostwrite for me is, however tempting, still considered unethical.  I asked.

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  1. It looks like my schedule will work out so I can be there. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Will there be copies of Leviathan Wakes available? I know it hasnt been released yet, but arent those darn ebook users already getting copies?!?