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by Daniel Abraham

“If we don’t find an antidote her heart’s gonna explode like a sausage casing full of weasels.”

No more monologuing, or I'll Swiss-cheese you on principle.

Normally, I sped my time on the blog subtly trying to charm everyone in general into buying my books, nominating me for the Tiptree, stuff like that.  But not today.  Today, I’m doing humanity in general and you in particular a huge favor. I’m telling you to go buy this. If you trust me, just go do it.  Don’t ask, don’t read about it, just make the purchase, clear the evening, and cruise through the first three episodes. This series was built for fans and sophisticates of fantasy and science fiction, and they are nigh infinitely rewatchable. I heard about it from Carrie Vaughn.  I’ve converted Ian Tregellis and Pat Rogers.  Somehow this has flown almost entirely under the radar.  It should be celebrated as at least the equal of Bubbahotep, The Tick, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera and — yes, I’ll say it — Firefly. If you need more persuasion, it’s available. Oh, and

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  1. Added to the top of the Netflix queue. Despite the Firefly blasphemy.

  2. And once you’re done watching the whole thing, go watch the full-cast Comic Con table read of the nearly-lost final episode:

    Is it wrong that I sometimes launch into recitations of “Hey, Mister God!” when I need a distraction?


    Carrie V.

  3. Warms my heart to hear someone mention The Tick in such exalted company.

  4. Will watch a few episodes on your recommendation, despite the paradoxical statement that it is as good as Firefly.

  5. So glad someone’s promoting this show!

    As a Browncoat, I assure you, there’s no heresy in mentioning the two shows in the same sentence. They’re in no way alike, but they have the same kind of watchability and they shared the same fate for many of the same reasons: poor scheduling, wrong network, lack of promotion to people smart enough to appreciate their goodness.

    Let me put it this way: there are but two shows that my husband and I got and marathoned…and then turned around and re-marathoned. The first was Firefly. The second was the Middleman.

    As much as I love Firefly, though, I probably grieved a little more over The Middleman. Joss and the crew really busted to help build a wonderful grassroots fanbase, and the community kind of helped cushion the blow (and resulted in Serenity coming to the big screen, too.)

    Unfortunately, Javi didn’t do the same kind of push for the Middleman, and it shows. Really a shame.