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SF Signal and the AV Club: Am I Above the Law Yet?

by Daniel Abraham

Ok, this may be the best morning ever.

First off, Patrick Hester interviewed me for the SF Signal podcast.  (Not a repeat from Orbit’s podcast.)

Then, James SA Corey is up to do a Big Idea for Scalzi in a couple months (my first).

And then I got reviewed in the AV Club.  (B+, the same grade as David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King)

“And for the first half of the book, it seems Abraham is perfectly content to coast on such clichés. Then slowly, cumulatively, almost magically, The Dragon’s Path does something unexpected: It gets really damn good.”

“…as the story progresses, it becomes obvious what Abraham’s up to: In order to juggle so many characters, events, and races of unfamiliar humanoids (no easy elves here), he’s hoping to err on the side of clarity. Which he does, brilliantly. As the plotlines take root and braid together, his stereotypes shed their stock skins and start taking big, deep breaths. Abraham’s dialogue starts to pop, all while retaining a subtle economy that communicates far more than the words being spoken.”

Oh good day, very good day.

[ED: *And* the podcast with is out too.  I believe I have achieved saturation.]

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  1. Damn that AV Club! Daaaammnn theeeeem!! 😀

    (Actually, that’s such particular and specific praise that I suspect that they must be spot on about your intentions with THE DRAGON’S PATH…)

    *sigh* Well, I guess your evil secret master plan was bound to light at some point…

    Will the reveal of your rather clever strategy have an effect on Book Two in any way? (Or do the “stock skins of convention” still have a sneaky role to play? :P)

  2. The SF Signal podcast was one that I would have loved to “call in on”. It was a great interview, Daniel.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Had a great time chatting with you for the podcast. Come back any time 🙂


  4. Just saw the notice at Orbit that they’ve picked up the fourth and fifth volumes of The Dagger and the Coin. Congratulations! (And I do so agree with you about Babylon 5.) It’s rare to find an epic fantasy where the secondary characters seem to have even more dimension than the POV characters, but you’ve done it. That’s advanced prestidigitation.