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Been awhile (Worldcon Edition)

by Daniel Abraham

How’ve y’all been doing?

August turned out to be a pretty rough month.  First off, there was San Diego Comicom, then I came back to two weeks of house guests (my niece and brother-in-law), then Worldcon in Reno.  After that, there was this fairly impressive illness that took me out for about a week.  Anyway.  The upshot is we’ve been thin on the ground these last few weeks.

Worldcon, old news though it may be, was a blast.  The best moment for me was my Kaffeklatsch where Rose Fox and Jo Walton showed up.  I have to admit I got a little fanboy-ish over Jo Walton in particular.  We got together for coffee a couple times in the course of the convention, and I think she’s simply the bee’s knees.  I got to hear something about her project after Among Others, and now I want badly to read the finished book.  (A very close contender for Best Moment was dinner with Tim Holman, the commanding mind behind Orbit, and talking about the relationship between reader and author.)

Worst moment:  Eight hours into the drive to Reno, Ty turned to me and said “Whose idea was it that we drive?”  The silver lining on that one was driving through the vast emptiness between Las Vegas and Reno, we saw a predator drone and a couple of disturbingly remote (but apparently legal) brothels.  So wouldn’t have seen those.  I have, however, had to reaffirm my commitment to no 16-hour road trips.  We left Reno after the Wildcards panel on Sunday and got home in time for me to get the Darling Child to school in the morning.

There’s a lot of news brewing — I mean a lot.  Some’s good, some’s challenging, but the one thing I wanted to point up today is a little appreciation of Jennifer Heddle.

Jen was the editor at Pocket who fist picked up the Black Sun’s Daughter books.  From the time that MLN Hanover first came into being, Jen Heddle was the one who cultivated and shepherded the project.  Even MLN’s only short short — Hurt Me — first appeared in an anthology that Jen was overseeing.

Jen is starting her new job now, working on media tie-in books with Lucasfilms.  I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for all the time and attention she put into the Black Sun books.  The last one she worked on — Killing Rites — will be out in a couple months.  I’m expecting her replacement at Pocket to be named shortly, and I’m looking forward to working with Pocket for a long time.  No matter who is it or how good they are, Jen will be missed.  She’s a damn good editor, a consumate professional, and Lucasfilms is lucky to have her.

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  1. I’d love to read your take on Han Solo, just saying…but seriously, can’t wait to hear what the good news is.

  2. I just read on your Twitter that you finished a short story! (Or plan to finish one very soon…) Congrats!

    (Incidentally, would that be the work of Mr. Abraham or that Hanover-person? :D)