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Game of Thrones Issue One: Dueling Reviews

by Daniel Abraham

Geeks of Doom:  A Game Of Thrones #1 was everything I could ever want in an adaptation…and more.

IGN: It quickly becomes apparent that the structure of an ongoing, monthly series isn’t ideal for adapting such a long novel.

Thou readst black where I read white.












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  1. I’d love to read a post on how difficult, or easy, it is to adapt Game of Thrones into a comic. I’ve been reading comics my whole life and I tend to agree with the negative review, but only for conceptual reasons. That’s a very long, slow book, and comics need a sort of break neck cliffhanger type hook in every issue.

    I’m also curious, most authors work on one book over a year or 2, but you’re working, it seems, on 2 books and a comic. That must be an insane writing schedule. Another post perhaps?