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Some Big News About The Expanse

by Daniel Abraham

Coming soon to a shelf, or possibly e-reader, near you.

Worldcon last year was, y’all may recall, in Reno.  So not long after Ty turned to me and asked which of us had thought driving from Albuquerque to Reno would be a good idea, we got on to the final outline of the third book, then called Dandelion Sky, now retitled Abaddon’s Gate (not related to Warhammer 40,000, but thanks for asking).  And the big question was this:  is this it?  Is the whole show over?  It was weirdly melancholy to have Leviathan Wakes just out, Caliban’s War edited and turned in, and be looking at the end of the project.

Well, funny thing about that…

Your friends and mine at Orbit have signed on for the three more Expanse books that we’d hoped they’d take and surprised us by asking for five novellas (!!) in the same universe to go along with them.  So the big arc story that we only hoped to tell when we started Leviathan Wakes is going to get told.

And a couple weeks ago, Ty came up with the last line of the last book.  I can’t tell y’all how much I’m looking forward to reading this.

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  1. Great news! I’m waiting and waiting for book 2, and now much more to look forward to.

  2. Fantastic! I’m glad to see that it’ll develop into a longer series. I’m very excited for book #2!

  3. That is brilliant news. Here’s to the Expanse becoming the next book universe to explode. In… hype and media and such. Not literally. Don’t blow up the Expanse, guys.

  4. Outstanding. Can’t wait to read it all.

  5. Holy shit! I didn’t think this day could get any better! I got a free beer, my ESL student read an enire book, AND my fave space opera story just got extended!

  6. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news and I look forward to reading everything!

  7. Excellent news! Congratulations!
    And since I am catching up on all of your works published so far I have plenty of things to read in the future too 🙂

  8. Does anyone know if that Leviathan Wept and other Stories will have another print so to speak. Its impossible to find where I stay – I can get Daniels other books but not this one 8-(

  9. Congrats!!!

    Are the novellas eventually gonna get collected in one volume too? Or is it some web-only kind of thing? I’d really love to have seven books on my shelf instead of three and three + 5 stories on my e-reader.

  10. It’s not in my hands yet, damnit!

  11. That’s great!

    Nice to hear that you’ll be able to do the whole story arc you have in mind.
    While not essential for a good time, I find that if the author knows the
    ending in advance the story is likely to be more satisfying overall. Especially
    for big multi book series, or tv shows.


  12. Woo-hoo! Congrats, guys. I had no idea that the 5-book arc I had in my head for the Expanse series (I think Daniel talked about this at some point, but I’m not sure) wasn’t already under contract with Orbit. Great news! So is that 6 books in the main sequence then, or 5? Couldn’t tell for sure. And it’ll absolutely be by shelf that they come to me. E-readers are nice and all, but I just love my books. You know? 🙂 Thanks for the update.

  13. Great news! Congratualtions to both of you.
    Interesting you got the novella deal too. Are Novella’s becoming popular again thanks to ebooks? They do seem perfect for the medium and it’s something that doesn’t usually turn up outside anthologies. While i know I should be willing to try anthologies and suck it up when i don’t “get” several stories – I much prefer being able to pick the stories i want in an itunes type way.
    Speaking of which will the short story that was out in the US from the expanse universe make it over to the UK? I wasn’t able to find it on

  14. big up!

    Leviathan Wakes is the first roman that i have ever read and so i can say, its the best book i´ve ever read, too.

    sci-fi isnt that stupid and with books like leviathan you can told other people why it is not that stupid.

    great book, hope the other books will translate in german, too (cause you see, my english is bad as hell)^^

  15. Is there a release date for Abaddon”s Gate? I just finished Caliban’s War and I cannot wait to read the next book!!!

  16. I don’t know who deserves the bigger congratulations: you for getting the publishing commitment, or us readers who get to read the stories! 🙂

  17. I just saw on that a Kindle edition of an expanse novella called “Gods of Risk” will be released on September 15th; will there also be a print edition of this novella ?

    • Ah, September now. It shows how hard it is for me to keep it all straight. I’d have thought November. 🙂

      There isn’t an immediate plan to put it out as print, though Orbit has commissioned 5 novellas in total, which may well be put into a collection when the last of them comes out.

  18. Amazing, just read book two; very tickled by the way it ended, ‘We gotta talk’ hah 🙂 Can’t wait for three!

  19. The novellas and three more novels are, indeed, good news. With your first two novellas out (The Butcher of Anderson Station and Gods of Risk), this fan will say the strategy is working out quite well. There are lots of stories to tell in this universe that flesh-out characters, settings, and concepts alongside the main story-arc. I like the package so far!

  20. I am part way through book 3 and was feeling sad that maybe the series is going to end, and I’ll have to say goodbye to the crew of the Rocinante and this brilliantly drawn universe. So, yay! Thanks guys for these lovely books and vividly drawn characters.

  21. Outstanding news (well new for me) about extending the series! I am just finishing (starting chapter 44) up Abaddon’s Gate and was feeling a little melancholy about leaving this universe you have created. The quality of the story, the pace, the richness of characters has been superb.

    I was blown away by Leviathan Wakes and each of the subsequent books has been as good if not better. I look forward to more!

    BTW – I get the original title ‘Dandelion Sky’ but have to say that the one you went with is so much more appropriate.

    • Just finished Gods of Risk and was hoping someone could give me some insight into the title. Is it a reference to Lucien Goldmann? Loved the Novella!

  22. My google spreadsheet really wants a tentative name for book 4…

  23. Having just finished Abaddons Gate, hearing that the story will continue is, well, considering the closing chapters of Abaddons Gate, obvious?. I must say I’ve not been as gripped by an ongoing Science Fiction epic since the Reality Dysfunction Trilogy by Peter Hamilton. While the adherence to the hard facts of the environment and the effort required to just survive and travel through it puts it in the same league as Stephen Baxter. So bring on Cibola Burn, bring back Naomi,”Gunny” Roberta Draper, Avasarala, Thompson, Oh just get ’em all back in there and thanks for a great read.

    • Glad to hear it’s working for you. 🙂 We’ll be seeing a lot of the old characters, one time and another. We’re actually working on the fifth book right now, which has some stuff we’ve been looking forward to since the the beginning of the project.