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Daniel’s First Clarkesworld Article: Reading as Performance

by Daniel Abraham

So I’ve scored a bi-monthly column with your friends and mine at Hugo-winning semiprozine Clarkesworld under the title Another Word.  The first one has gone live.

I came to the same conclusion that all authors reach: the reviewers who liked me are intelligent, deep-souled bastions of wisdom, and the ones who didn’t are a bunch of weak-brained punks. Mystery solved.

But here’s the thing. Once the initial emotional rush plays out and my amygdala calms back down to its natural state, I start to think that maybe something else is going on here. That maybe I’ve misunderstood what reading is.

If you’re of a mind, take a look.  And if you’d like to weigh in, please consider commenting there so my new bosses can see what folks are thinking.

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  1. I’ll certainly comment, but I don’t think Clarkesworld is a semiprozine.

  2. Great news! And glad he’s feeling better.

    Congratulations to you!