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First Reviews of King’s Blood

by Daniel Abraham

So far, people seem to like it.

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  1. Seems to be a nice Series, congratulations! Can you tell me if and when there will be a german tranlation of your The Dagger and the Coin-Series?

  2. George just gave it a positive mini-review as well. “Books like this remind me why I love epic fantasy.” would make a great blurb, no? Anyway, looking forward to it!

    By the way – sounds like you’re contributing to the anthologies as well. Can you shed some light on that or are those projects still very hush-hush?

  3. The King’s Blood was fantastic. Thrilling with real depth and subtlety to the characters. Finishing a book like is like a little orgasm but now I have to wait for the next lol 😛

    Now I am even more excited for calibans war


  4. Just finished reading my way, happily and voraciously, through The King’s Blood, and was thinking to myself that you’d probably find my father Peter Spufford’s Power and Profit interesting when I saw you recommending it on your twitter feed. I’m going to pass him Dragon’s Path & King’s Blood together when he comes to dinner tonight: he’ll like what you’ve done with the Medici bank…

  5. Thanks for the information regarding the German relase.

    I have been looking on Amazon for any announcements but there is no link between Daniel Abraham and Daniel Hanover. Strange marketing strategy.

    Glad to know that it will be translated!

    respect and br

  6. I was so excited to read this after finishing the first book in the wee hours of last night that it has the honor of being my first ever e-book purchase (though I’ve been a nook owner since Christmas I have used it exclusively for public domain classics until now). The local bookstore didn’t have it and I just couldn’t wait. This is praise, I assure you. I will probably devour it tonight. I must say that I love the character of Geder–his motivations and the reader response to him are deliciously complex. I’d rave more but there’s the book to read.

  7. Full review forthcoming at the site, but man, great book. Just had to finish it, and probably kept me same on an extended weekend camping trip with my kids and their cousins (6 kids between 8 and 1, good times).

  8. I just read this book over the weekend. Or should I say, ‘devoured’ it. My husband was laughing, as I hardly put it down, even while eating meals. Looking forward to the rest of the series, meanwhile I’ll be starting on Leviathan Wakes. Bought it via the SFBC and I agree with one of your other comments – there’s something great about a hardcover book.

  9. Hi Daniel – I’d read the Long price series via Kindle and have now also read the 1st two books in the Dagger and the Coin Quintet…
    Very much enjoying them, whilst I felt the Long price was a more technical novel, I am preferring the Dagger/Coin novels more.
    They remind me a little of a cross between Paul Kearney and Joe Abercrombie (two of my favourite authors, so that’s all well and good) and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series.
    Congratulations on being one of those authors whose success in 1 series, all but guarantees a purchase from me in subsequent ones 🙂

  10. I am really enjoying this series but the repeated references to the smell of salt (stinking of brine) are irksome. Salt is odourless – the characteristic smell of the sea is decaying seaweed.