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I’m in Germany!

by Ty Franck

Well, stuff I wrote is.  So that seems pretty cool.  I’m curious why they didn’t use our awesome Dociu cover.

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  1. Wow, for a moment I was so excited at the prospect of you guys actually being in Germany and maybe doing some kind of reading tour! Maybe some day you will? 🙂

    But this is cool news, too. I’ve already seen the book in various bookstores and really hope it’s going to sell well! 🙂

  2. Yes, you should come to Germany. And drag George Martin with you. *grin*

    After all, we have tons of cool castles, good food, and good beer.

  3. I am furious about German publishers at the moment. Does it make any sense that your Dagger and coin books are published in Germany written by a guy named “Daniel Hanover”? Why merge your Urban fantasy Alias with your first name??
    Some shithead from the idiots at blanvalet (the same guys who thought that John Snow should be a John Schnee) thinks they can sell more books with a name sounding like a german city? Our is it because your “Long price Quartet” sadly wasnt very successful over here and they give you a restart?
    I am a huge fan of your work and nearly missed the german publication because of the name change.

  4. argh
    those name translations left some marks in my brain.
    i mean jon snow/ jon schnee

  5. The ASOIAF translation is so bad that I’m missing out on a good birthday present for my father who doesn’t read English well enough to tackle novels. But I don’t want to treat him to that crap as his second Fantasy novel after Lord of the Rings (where the old translation fortunately is still avalialbe). I wish some other publisher than Blanvalet would delve into translating genre books.

  6. I think the cover-art is a license issue. It has to be granted by the artist seperatly, so it’s often cheaper for the publisher licensing another.

  7. I kind of like the German cover. It lacks the panache of the Dociu, but once you know the story enough to recognize what the image represents, it’s fairly epic.

  8. I just posted a comment but I didn’t see it go up. Moderation, perhaps?

  9. @Daniel & Ty Speaking of Germany….. ^^

    I tried to buy the audiobook (audible) version of your book online from here in germany, but no chance. It is non existent or
    On the audible version is only found when following a link from the google search results.
    But when I click it, I get:

    “This audiobook is not available in your area. Check out other Audible audiobooks available to you.”

    Grmmpff…. I do not want other books, I want “Leviathan Wakes” 🙂
    And in English. Translations are often horrible.
    Any chance that I can get the audiobook here in Germany in the near future?
    Ok, I can wait a little bit, because I have started listening to “The mote in Gods eye”, which I read ages ago.
    Would be nice, if you could find a solution for my problem. 🙂