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Caliban Released

by Daniel Abraham

“You like space monsters, kid?”

Well, the fact of the matter is, it’s been getting shipped for about a week, but today was the official release for Caliban’s War.

Thus far, the response has been mostly positive:

“Compelling characters and a plot that combines political intrigue with military sf create a memorable story that begs for film adaptation.” — Library Journal

“The characters, many familiar from before, grow as the story expands; tension mounts, action explodes and pages turn relentlessly.” — Kirkus

“This breakneck tale will have readers itching for book three.” — Publisher’s Weekly

As always some folks like it better than others, and I’m sure there are going to be some folks that hate it (always are), but all in all (apart from a hacking cough that’s still lingering after a nasty cold over the weekend), things are pretty spiffy.

So tell your friends and neighbors who’ve been on tenterhooks that Caliban’s War is out.  ( amazon | BN | Indiebound )

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  1. Having just finished “Leviathan Awakes,” (LA) I’m delighted its sequel is already out. LA was one of those books that I would have thought was good if it had been over 40% of the way through, excellent if it ended 75% of the way through, and now that I am done think it was one of the best space-travel SF novels I’ve read in over a decade.

    The downside is that as a professional writer that has just finished his first SF novel I now have been reminded how far I have to go to be able to write on this level. I will have to reread LA before starting on the second book of the series to learn how to be a better writer.

    BTW I live in Corrales, an exurb of Albuquerque. Please keep the local book-signing notices coming so I can shake you and your partner’s hands (yes, I am now signed up for the mailing list). Will you be at Bubonicon this August?

  2. Just finished Leviathan Wakes! I wasn’t sure I’d like it since I don’t read a lot of this type of SF, but I love Daniel’s work (both the fantasy and the urban fantasy), so I took a chance. I was still a bit skeptical until about a third of the way through, but then I was hooked. Loved the ending, and am looking forward to Caliban’s War. Congrats to you both!

  3. Leviathan Wakes was the most satisfying science fiction experience for me since The Mars Trilogy. This was quite a surprise, since Leviathan Wakes is presented as unpretentious space opera. No one can explain the mysteriously subtle elements that produce deep pleasure in any particular work, and I wouldn’t try. But the fact that two people collaborated to produce such a seamless “just-right” story is more than merely unusual. I can’t think of another team who accomplished the exceptional level of quality of this work. Does this sound hyperbolic? Well, yes. But such a perfectly enjoyable story is hard to come by, and its components can’t be described or taught or copied. Thus, hyperbole can’t even do justice to that elusive quality of sheer wonderfulness.

    I’d like to add that I listened to the audiobook. It was a delightful experience, and as a voracious consumer and frequent disappointed critic of audiobooks, I’m a good hard judge. I hope Caliban’s War will be an audiobook with the same, excuse my happiness again- ideal narrator. Congratulations and thank you. Diane-the-Pleased

  4. Hi there, I am currently reading Leviathan wakes, and I think it is a great bit of fiction. But could you do me a favour? Please, please, do not try to use German without someone giving you professional advice. “Screwing she she female”? WTF?

    This happens so often in American books, movies, TV shows… It is unbearable.

    Thanks for desisting.

    • What we were shooting for wasn’t actually good German but a semi-fallen polyglot of “Belter”. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, and we will try to do better going forward.

      • Oddly, no English speakers complain about our messy gutter English. I guess you’re not allowed to make messy gutter other languages.

      • Is there any hope of a fully-constructed Belter Creole language? I love language and have a major interest in constructed languages, and was ecstatic to see the use of Belter Creole in LA (I’ll be honest, I was hoping for more in Caliban’s War). I’d love to see it go the way of Klingon and Vulcan, becoming a full-fledged, developed language. I’d definitely learn it!

  5. love the books!!! fav sci/fi books i’ve ready in years! when is the next book due?



  6. Congratulations guys! I just finished listening to Leviathan and went immediately to Audible and got a hold of Dragon’s Path which I also really enjoyed. Problem is, I don’t see any listings for King’s Blood or Caliban’s War on any of the audio book sites. Are they in the works? If so, when? Thanks for doing what you do.

  7. I recently discovered your books through my more or less annual checking of the Hugo lists. I’m in the middle of Leviathan, enjoying it very much, with Caliban allready waiting on top of the to-read stack.

    Though one little thing keeps bothering me. I don’t want to be the nit-picker, but maybe you have satisfying explanation.

    What’s keeping Ceres together?

    Admittedly Ceres is kind of tiny, but it is also kind of huge. If you spin it up to -0.3g all the masses of rock that make up Ceres, instead of safely resting at the bottom of a gravity well, are more or less hanging at the ceiling. That’s a lot of Rock hanging at the ceiling shouldn’t it crumble and fall off?

  8. I read a lot of great science fiction over the course of a year, and I have to say that the Expanse novels are some of the most enjoyable novels I’ve ever read! Fantastic job, guys. The characters are so enjoyable to read about – Im looking forward to the next installment! Next year is so far away…

  9. Somehow the knowledge that it’s already done makes me want it more 🙂

    I picked up Leviathan Wakes earlier in the year when Tor had the ebook special running (including the Dragon’s Path), which led to me buying both Caliban and King’s Blood in the last month.

    Keep writing interesting books, I will keep buying them.

  10. Hi,
    Caught my interest, but until your books are available in MOBI (ebook) format unprotected, I’ll just have to pass.

  11. So… Who’s Caliban?

  12. I bought Leviathan Wakes on and immediately went for book #2, 🙁 at least a little googling revealed it’s likely two months away from release. I enjoyed the book quite a bit. I’m new to sci-fi and finding that perfect balance of the sci-fi and character/plot is rough. Whatever brand you’re selling is what I’m about, plausible setting but still willing to touch on fantasy to make for a more compelling story. I’d dig any recommendations!

    • I’m glad the book worked for you. As far as finding a perfect balance, it’s really a season-to-taste issue. Things that some folks love, others can’t stand.

      As far as some of my favorite sci fi novels, I’d probably point you toward Brin’s Startide Rising, Anderson’s Bitter Angels, Watts’ Blindsight, and Griffiths’ Slow River. That’s a pretty wide range, so maybe sample them and see what seems like fun.

      I’ve also been strongly recommended C J Cherryh, but I’m still pretty new there myself. 🙂

  13. Hi guys just wanted to say the first two books were excellent. Honestly I found Caliban’s War to be significantly better than the first because of the more-refined handling of the characters’ neuroses or whatever you want to call it. It’s tricky to do things like that without getting preachy. I also thought Avarasala was a great character and a good offset to the sort of physical / violence power you see in Holden / Miller / Amos / Fred. It’s really difficult to examine how power works and also interesting action along the lines of “Space Marines vs Scary Space Monsters From Space” but I think you managed to pull it off. Keep up the great work and look forward to book three!

  14. Someone I know raised a question about the plot I haven’t considered initially and just want to know if I missed something or it’s a plot hole. Why did Holden had to go do that dangerous thing on that disabled ship himself when there were all those UN and Martian marines around?

  15. When I went to my first Con as a 14 year-old in 1978 I discovered there were worlds upon worlds out there to discover not just on the movie screen, but in text. I dove into such SciFi greats as Herbert, Asimov, Heinlein, Haldeman and Niven just to name a few. After I gorged myself on the greats, I discovered in the late 80s and early 90s that there just wasn’t much more out there in science fiction that was engaging. Sure I ran across an occasional gems like Brin’s Startide Rising, Card’s Ender’s Game, Simmon’s Hyperion and Scalzi’s works, but science fiction for the most part was dead to me heading into the 21st century. The Expanse series has reinvigorated my love for science fiction. You’ve created an intelligent story with compelling characters that I think everyone can relate to as they try to envision a not-so-distant future where humanity has finally escaped Earth’s gravity well.

    I can’t believe my incredibly good fortune to discover I had a free copy of Leviathan Wakes just after the end of my ebook for The Dragon’s Path. What a treat! Caliban’s War was even better.

    Thank you for your story.

    • I’m delighted to hear that the books are working for you. I grew up on Clarke, Harry Harrison, Alfred Bester, Clifford Simak, James Blish and Larry Niven myself (though in fairness, I’ve only recently come to Leigh Brackett).

      We wanted to write something that read to us now the way those books did then, and while we’re under no illusions that we’re anywhere near on par with someone like Joe Haldeman, it’s good to know that folks are enjoying what we’ve done.

  16. Love the series! Just finished Caliban’s War… great final battle sequence & I loved the last scene! Can’t wait for more…
    I really thought w Miller gone, the group dynamic would suffer but it didnt at all. I loved the growth within the crew.
    You really understand how to describe realistic challenges people would face in space travel w regards to gravity, inertia, etc… it makes the universe all the more real & vivid. Thanks so much for the great hours of adventure!
    Love all the threads & twists… & the solid pacing. Keeps me reading, I dont want to put the book down!
    Keep up the great work.
    Sean Heaney

  17. I read LA back shortly after it came out, and have been a junkie ever since. I’m nearly through Caliban’s War and LOVING it! Dreading another year’s waiting, but I know the final book will be worth the wait and seal The Expanse’s position as my all-time favourite series. Please don’t ever, ever, ever, ever stop. And if a movie ever is made, I sure hope to hear some classic filk, especially some Duane Elms since much of his music could fit perfectly into the Expanse universe (aside from the lack of FTL travel).


  18. I just finished reading “Leviathan Wakes” and “Caliban’s War” back-to-back, and enjoyed them both immensely. I’ll be pre-ordering the conclusion of the trilogy as soon as I find out I can.

    I’ve been reading science fiction for 60 years, and it’s always a pleasure to find a new author (or, in this case, co-authors) whose work features both interesting characters and an action-packed story.

    Keep up the good work, gentlemen!

    Tom Abegglen

  19. I finally got to start Caliban’s War the other day, and today I read it while eating lunch. During my read of Avasarala’s first PoV chapter, I forgot the slowly-cooling cheeseburger in my hand, couldn’t keep myself from laughing out loud on multiple instance, and had tears come to my eyes as she spoke to her husband.

    One chapter.


    I love your books. Just wanted to thank you guys again for what you do.

    Thank you.


  20. Just finished Caliban’s War (read the last few pages on the iPhone Kindle app, thats how bad I needed to keep reading). Story growing for he better, page by page. Few authors I am waiting for to publish sequs as much as you now! Thank you for bringing proper new thinking to our belowed genre.

  21. So cool, I just Calaban’s war and enjoyed it very much. I will be interested to see how the plot all comes together in the third and final volume. I hope Julie comes back in some form or another. Great work, and when will the third volume come out?

    • Abaddon’s Gate comes out in the late summer/early spring. There’s a novella (Gods of Risk) that will be released as an ebook before that. I’m pretty sure that’s slated for November.

      And Abaddon’s Gate will end the trilogy. But Orbit has picked up a second run of three boks after it, so while we are bringing that particular story arc to a close, we have another waiting in the wings, and an endpoint to the whole grand arc of the series that we’re progressing toward.