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New Clarkesworld article up

by Daniel Abraham

“There’s a puzzle I don’t know the answer to, but the more I look around for it, the more I see it. Most of the time, it’s amusing. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me.

So, funny story. Back in 1998, I was at Clarion West. One of my classmates turned in a story about a woman who worked from home, writing up recipes for the local newspaper. The essential problem in the story was that the protagonist’s dog kept digging up space-time wormholes. It was a light, comic piece, and one I remember fondly. But we were there for a workshop, and critics have to criticize. We came together for the morning critique, and our comments were very consistent. We all loved the wormhole dog, but no one was willing to believe in a woman supporting herself writing recipes.”

The whole thing’s up at Clarkesworld.

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  1. I don’t think the example of the workshop story really supports your point. In the context of reading a comic SF story, it’s clear that the wormhole-digging dog is intended to be a fantastical element, while the woman supporting herself writing recipes is not; the author is not positing that as a speculation, so it’s appropriate for your standards as a reader to be different. A woman supporting herself writing recipes could be accepted under suspension of disbelief, if it were a different story.