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Graveyard Child

by Daniel Abraham

Psst.  Want to see the new MLN Hanover cover art?

“How much do you know about Jayné Heller?”

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  1. “How much do you know about Jayné Heller?”

    Not enough!

  2. Nice! And I hope to find out what those scenes are one day.

    Is this still projected to be a 10 book series, or did I misremember that number out of desire for MORE?

  3. Well, I’ll do my part!

  4. I discovered Jayné Heller only this year, but like many of your works I enjoyed in the fullest I only reviewed only the first book of this series. Still, I read three of Jayné Heller’s adventures and I am certain that by the time this book comes out I’ll be up to date with your wonderful works. Hopefully, some reviews would come to existence too 😉
    Keep up the great work, dear sir!

  5. Speaking of cover art… I have a print of ‘A Shadow in Summer’ hanging up on the wall that I would love to get signed. Any chance you will be at Chicon over Labor Day?

    • I shall indeed. Mostly, I’ll be hanging out at bars and coffee shops since my programming duties are what you might call light. 🙂

      • Awesome! Will you be in the city at said bars/coffee shops on that Friday? That looks like the only day I can attend.

        • Oh my yes. The programming at Worldcon this year is fairly minimalist, so I figure I’ll be hanging out that the bar drinking sodapop and talking about how do design good anti-harassment policies.

          • You wouldn’t be willing to do a reading from the third Dagger and Coin book, would you, pretty please?

            I’m at the airport on Sunday, not Monday 🙁 (I believe you said jokingly on Facebook that you’d do an airport reading on Monday…)

          • Sure. We can gather up a few folks, grab a table at the bar, and I’ll run through a chapter or two. 🙂

  6. When is the Release date? I apologize in advance if I missed it in a prior post 🙂 Been looking forward to this since I finished Killing Rites ( which was the day after it was released ) ……Oh and awesome Cover!

  7. Question: “How much do you know about Jayne Heller?”
    Answer: A lot, but not enough!!
    I LOVE this series!! I picked up the first book on a whim and bought the second one 4 days later!! I also got my best friend hooked on them too!! First book, as choppy as it is, is still my favourite though!!
    I figured out that she had a rider in her rereading the second book, MONTHS before the third was published!! My guess is that her Mom being ridden was set up BY Eric, and that her being the Black Sun’s Daughter was all planned by him, and that she’s not her father’s daughter, but the child of the affair!! I also think that Jayne isn’t going to end up with either Ex or Aubrey, but some other guy that you are going to introduce!! I also think that she’s going to get PREGNANT sometime during this series (don’t ask my why I think that, because all I have is a gut feeling about it)!!
    I CANNOT WAIT FOR APRIL 2013!! It’s so far away….
    ANYWAYS~ Love your books!! You’re an awesome writer, and I don’t say that very often!! (Take it for what it’s worth)
    Thanks a million for the book cover!! Now I have a title to obsessively Google for the next little while!
    ~ Ashe

  8. OMG beautiful cover art. Been waiting on this for quite a while. When is the release date?

  9. I love this series. It started me reading your other series. Can’t wait to read grave yard child. And awesome cover art, hope you make it into a poster if so i would buy it hopefully signed, hint hint lol.can’t wait ad this is the first series if yours i read it us still my favorite and i hope it goes the distance. Erich translates to past ten books lol.

  10. I stumbled across these after reading the Long Price quartet (which I loved) and then the dagger & coin books. (Well, book; the Chicago public library hasn’t processed the second one yet.) So-called “urban fantasy” isn’t usually my genre, but I’m really enjoying these–I finished #3 today, and am about to start #4. So yay you! And thank you.

  11. Hey Daniel, I love the series! I just pre-ordered ‘Graveyard Child’ on Amazon because of this post; weirdly enough it doesn’t pop up upon selecting the author. I had to type in the name of the book, and then it came up for pre-ordering. Might be easily fixed with an email to Amazon from your people? It would be cool if aforementioned people could release also the cover on the Amazon page. It’s lovely. I’ll do my part in keeping the series going, and I hope you keep enjoying writing it.

  12. Big oops. Sorry about the bad copy-pasting of the word ‘also’. Even posters seem to need heavy editing (and restraint when hitting the ‘submit’-button).