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A Worldcon Clarification

by Daniel Abraham

Because it came up elsewhere:

Yes, I am only appearing on one panel at Worldcon.  No, it is not because I was unwilling to do more.  If you check out how much I’m doing at Bubonicon this weekend, you’ll see it’s much more than one panel.

I ain’t saying success won’t spoil me, just that I’m holding out for more success before I get all spoilt.  🙂

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  1. Daniel, Do you have any events you had planned on attending on Friday (during the day)? You know…so we can keep the stalking to a minimum…

    And so I dont embarrass GRRM when he is sitting there by himself for an hour and half at his signing, and I walk up and go ‘sorry, not here to see you, just wondering if you might know where Daniel is at’.

    (I am actually terrified how long I am going to have to stand in that line to get a few things signed)