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Jimmy Corey and My Face on a Tube

by Daniel Abraham

So there are a few ways to track me and Ty on the various social media sites.  I’m on Facebook under my own name ( and Twitter (@AbrahamHanover).  Ty’s on Google+ (


Your friends and mine at Orbit have put up a professional site over on Facebook just for James SA Corey.   It’s at and they’re looking at putting some cool James SA Corey related stuff up there.  Exclusive excerpts, cover art, possibly even the very exclusive James SA Corey SMBC comic (yes, that exists).

If you’re looking for ways (besides hanging out here) to keep track of all things James SA Corey, go take a look, like it, and we’ll see how the experiment works.

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  1. Mutual of Omaha! A “Middleman” reference? Well played, sir…