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Work Process

by Ty Franck

Our good friend Max told me he was building a flow chart of the James Corey writing process.  Now, Max is a smart guy, and a guy with significant technical skills, so I was thinking this could get pretty complicated.  Two writers, working from outline with multiple editing passes?  That could be tough to flowchart out.

The one Max sent to me is a bit simplified, and I’m not sure how often we actually make the right choice on the decision tree, but it’s damned close to what we’re trying to do.

Thanks Max!

Flow chart after the fold:

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  1. Lol.

    Mine (working alone) is more like that:

    New Story Idea – Will it sprout another subplot? – Probably yes. – Oops, likely going to be 5 books then.

  2. Awesomesauce. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to apply this criteria to my own writing.

    Making a note of this RIGHT. NOW.

  3. Love your f’ing style. Couldn’t put the darned things down.
    Would be a damned good TV show.

  4. Daniel, no way to email you here, so hoping you will see this and get in touch — wondering about having some books signed by mail, since I never see you come through my neck of the woods (Los Angeles). Love to hear from you, one way or the other, although I am sure you’re plenty busy.
    DS ;^)

  5. I read both of The Expanse books and eagerly await the third in the series. I agree with other fans that say these books would translate well to a visual medium. I also just heard that GRRM has a development deal with HBO, so… has there been any discussion between you, him, and HBO about developing The Expanse into an HBO series?