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When We Were Heroes

by Daniel Abraham

When We Were Heroes art by the ohmigod inimitable John Picacio

When We Were Heroes art by the ohmigod inimitable John Picacio

My new story in the Wild Cards universe (starring my very own morally-fallen trust-fund anti-superhero Jonathan “Bugsy” Tipton-Clarke and Carrie Vaughn’s Curveball). Come for the superheroic antics, stay for the coffee-shop analysis of Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade.

With thanks to George RR Martin and Melinda Snodgrass who edit the work in that project, John Picacio for the amazing art, and your friends and mine over ar

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  1. It’s just a terrific story. Thanks so much. Especially liked the bazooka line. 🙂

  2. Seriously though. Bugsy’s analysis of the limits of power is just spot on.

  3. Is it okay if I totally imagine David Bowie singing in the background as Kate and Tyler take each other’s hand on their second date? Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. I know this question doesn’t involve anything about this post yet i have to ask it. I tremendously enjoyed books 1 and 2 of The Dagger and The Coin Series, and have been looking everywhere to try and get a lead on when book 3 ( The Poisoned Sword) is set to release if there is such a date. If you couls answer this for me it would be greatly appreciated. It is one of the best Epic Fantasy series I have had the pleasure of reading.

  5. Yay. I liked it a lot. I think I should start reading those Wild Cards books.