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The Dragon’s Path in Taiwan

by Daniel Abraham

Woke up this morning to the following facebook post from Gray Tan: 

An image from the Taipei Book Fair. So how cool it that?

An image from the Taipei Book Fair. So how cool it that?

“THE DRAGON’S PATH goes on sale today in Taiwan. Here are photos of display at the Taipei Book Fair. Instant bestseller on, our biggest online bookseller, reach as high as #25 OVERALL!!”

I don’t know if that means Daniel Abraham is now officially an internationally bestselling author, or just that he’s feeling smug about things today, but Lord I am feeling smug about things today.

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  1. Much deserved.

  2. As a Taiwanese student studying in the States, gotta say I’m glad to hear my friends back home now have access to your books!

  3. Just realized that The King’s Blood is finally out on Audible. Since I do about 90% of my reading via my commute, I’m excited to finally be able to get to this!

  4. More than deserved.
    You have fans in Quebec, Canada, your books should be everywhere, they are brilliant.