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If you’re hanging around Albuquerque this Saturday…

by Daniel Abraham

… I’ll be hanging out with Steve Gould — author of Jumper and Impulse, my endorsed nominee for SFWA president, and all around good guy — at Alamosa Books.

Steve Gould, an author and a gentleman.  Just don't ask him about the whole Mismeasure of Man thing.  that was someone else.

Steve Gould, an author and a gentleman. Just don’t ask him about the Panda’s Thumb thing. That was someone else.

The gig starts at 2 pm and lasts until we leave.  I’m not sure exactly what we’l be doing apart from signing books and being charming, but it’s a great little indie bookstore with a bent toward kid’s books that reminds my of a store called Trespasser’s Will that saved my life and sanity as a child.  Gwen, wherever you are, thanks for that.

Anyway, come by and say hello if you’re of a mind.

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  1. I have some fan art I would like to email in, but I’m not sure where to send it.


  2. It’s art for the expanse series… I should have mentioned


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