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Quick PSA

by Daniel Abraham

For folks looking to follow James SA Corey on Facebook, be aware that *isn’t* us, we don’t know who it *is* and they’ve apparently blocked the real Jimmy Corey facebook page so they probably don’t mean well.  We’re talking to the fine folks at Facebook about it, but in the meantime, try

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  1. Ahoy Sirs!

    Just finishing Caliban’s War now and I’ll have more things to say about it soon. But, I just wanted to take a moment to give you high praise for the series. We here in Alaska know all about life out on “the Belt” (feeling affected by a distant government while living out in the wild frontier). You’ve done a great job of picking up where guys like Heinlein and Joss Whedon left off. I’ve been recommending the series to all and my wife’s bookstore has been selling many copies. We here in Homer, AK love our fantasy and sci-fi especially when as good ol’ George calls it “kick-ass!”. Thanks again. If you ever get tired of the martian landscapes of Arizona and want to visit icy Ganymede (Homer, AK) drop us a line.

  2. If we’re up that way, we will totally let you know. 🙂

    Glad to hear the books are working for you.

  3. Wait, Daniel Abraham lives in Arizona and I didn’t know?! I thought he was in NM with GRRM and Ty Franck.

    • Hey! That’s great. Yeah New Mexico/Arizona its all very hot and dry there I can’t tell the difference. We’ve still got two feet of snow, like I said Ganymede. I’ll be at sea when the book drops but it will be waiting for me when I return from the Aleutian Islands which are a sort of terrestrial Belt.

      Thanks again and think about coming back.

  4. Hi Mr. Abraham,
    Big fan of you and Mr. Franck. I just wanted thank you both for the king’s blood because a girl actually spoke to me because I had a fantasy novel in my hand. Apparently not a lot of people like to own up to the fact that they read Fantasy and Scifi at my college. I let her know Leviathan Wakes so hopefully James SA Corey will have a new fan soon.

    • Glad you liked the books, and I’m delighted you’re not the only one. And yeah, my recollection of college involved a lot of reading things I was supposed to enjoy. Good on you for still reading for pleasure too.

  5. Hey guys, love the Expanse and can’t wait for Abaddon’s Gate. I noticed that unlike a lot of authors you guys haven’t locked yourselves into “The Expanse Trilogy” or Quadrilogy or Pentadodecahedrology or somesuch, can I take this as an implication that Abaddon’s Gate won’t be the last dose of Expanse we’ll be getting?

    • Oh my no. Right now, we’re under contract through book 6, along with five novellas (of which Gods of Risk was the first).

      That said, The Expanse is one particular story, and there is an ending (and a last line). How long it takes to get there just depends on how much fun folks are having in the meantime.